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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


By looking at these skycrappers, you can guess we were somewhere in the city of Hong Kong. Yup, we were at Central, Hong Kong.

Guess where are we heading to? LOL!!!

Well, for first timers like us, of course we want to go to THE PEAK.

We took the MTR and stopped at Central. Then just follow the signboard directing you to The Peak.

Supposely i wanted so much to hop in this Ding Ding,one of the oldest tram which is still in use at HK. Due to time constraint, maybe next time.

After a few minutes of walking distance, finally we saw this with excitement.

Instead of walking up to the hill by foot, better we take the fastest way at our own cost..LOL

Wow....see who welcome us to The Peak...

Well, the olden days, they used this way up to the hilll....Geee, that's pretty tiring, i meant the men who being carried up...LOL!!

Some of the miniature display of the trams

OK, let's get seated and here we go......

Well, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong is just located at The Peak. No matter at what cost, being first timer must visit,right? Entrance fee is HKD175/pax, but worth it geh, cos you get to see her mer....

This is my favourite....just like a spinner music box.

Beautiful view from the hill. This view always appear in those Hong Kong drama scene.

Was freaking cold up there, and we yet to take our breakfast...BURGER KING as breakfast.

That's all from The Peak...


  1. You had the angus beef burger? Not nice! I had that too - see my post on it tomorrow. LOL!!! I went to Madame Tussard's in London...

  2. Ur day view scenery looks awesome. My time, we reached there in the evening already.

  3. Victoria Peak! hahaa.. the museum reminded me...

  4. I like the spinner music box too! My goodness, Hong Kong is sure a place that I should go lar... so much fun and nice scenery!;D

  5. Eeee... very real... especially the Cecelia Cheung punya wax... eee scary lah!

  6. I never been to Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, got so many leng lui there :P
    but the ticket isn't cheap also ....

  7. Your post bring back my memory. Last year we didn't go to Peak, this year we went, but didn't go in to Madame Tussauds. We just stand outside and took some pictures.



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