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Friday, May 20, 2011

Road Trip : Mission No.1

Last weekend, i have another backpack trip with my besties...hehehhe..Okok,this time no longer in plane but in a car...LOL! Yea, we planned a short gateaway of 2D/1N heading to the North. By looking at the pic below, i am sure you can guess where we were then.

Tadaaa.....Penang!! The last time i stepped on this island was about 5 years ago, whereby i just got to know i am preggy! Puke along the way to north and down to the south....that was an eerie nightmare...Sad thing was, i didnt get to enjoy the foodie over there but definetely not this time...ahahhahah. We gathered at my friend's house at 8am, and went for a breakie session. Then we started our journey about 9am++.

We reached there about 12pm++ and it started to rain. We were darn hungry and looking for some hawker stalls. Didnt really spot any since we are not that familiar with the routes.

Round and round the clock, we spotted an old coffee shop. The shop is not only in heritage style but the patrons who dine in the shop mostly are elderly. Leaving us with no choice, we just hopped into the shop to settle for a bowl of noodle. I had a bowl of soup noodle which cost RM2.70.

After feeding our stomach, there go our first mission. Our first mission was to buy the Him Heang Tambun Biscuits (Tau Sar Peah). Thanks to Kathy who search the address for us.

Being not familiar to the rules, we didnt know we have to pay for the biscuits before we queue up to collect it...Darn!! They should have put a notice in front of the cashier counter to alert the first timer like us who do not know the rules..So, in the half way of queue, my friend noticed customers were holding a receipt and she asked a lady if we supposed to pay before collecting the biscuits..Darn!! We need to get out from the queue and head over to the cashier to pay first..then back to the square one.

Seems like not easy to get this...which took quite sometime for us to wait in the queue.

But is definetely worth for the long queue..hahhaha.Yummmm!!!

*First mission was accomplished! Stay tuned for our next mission....ehheheheh

162A Jalan Burma, Penang
GPS: 5.423848, 100.321210
Tel: 604-228 6129
Business hour : 8.30am - 5.00pm (Mon - Saturday) **that shows how good is their business...kekekkeke**


  1. wah.. nice nice jalan jalan... did you go ngee heang also?

  2. Cyn : Nope, didnt drop by..hehhehe.Btw, is it good?

  3. So "song"... always get to go jalan2 with your besties :) We missed buying the tau sar peah when we were there 2 months ago. Penang roads are quite complicated to us, even with the GPS, we still got lost :(

  4. ChloeRuoyi : Not get lost too while searching for this shop..

  5. ALamak! so tough time getting the HHB. Ya they should put up sign :(

  6. Go Penang Road - Chowrasta Market and buy. They also have - pay 50 sen more, no need to go through all that hassle.

    They say Him Heang is better than Ghee Heang - the guy ran away from there to open Him Heang...but to me, Him Heang tambun also so so only lah, not great. Actually, Ghee Heang just a short distance away, same road.....

    Aiyor...this Sarawak orang utan telling West Malaysians all this...and I don't even have/need GPS! You people, so helpless, too dependent on technology liao!

  7. Wah holiday with besties... so syiok...

  8. STP : Soon to be Penang Ambassador too? LOL!!! Walau..the guy run to HH also u know...pengsan**

    Cheeyee :to

  9. SK : yea ler...they shud have put mer..

  10. OMG>...the Tau Sar Piah looks yummy....

  11. Welcome to my state and thank you for spending some money here too,,,,,,

    I wish i could be of any assistance to you

  12. Eugene : Thanks for your kind offer. Since it was a short trip, didnt want to kacau anyone..

  13. wah!!! my last trip with my girlfriends was before i got married! jealous jealous :-)

    we're planning to go penang this coming school hols with the kids :-).

  14. got part two one , right? wanna see what you ate....

  15. Arrr.... reminds me it has been quite some time we didn't visit Penang!

  16. when you were in Penang? I was there too :) next time call and make booking for the tau sah pheah, then you no need to que, just go, pay and collect! :D

  17.'s been a long time since I last stepped into Penang too. That Him Heang always packed with ppl hor. My ex-office HQ located just behind this shop.



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