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Monday, September 12, 2011

Universal Studio @ Sentosa, Singapore - I

Right after i came back from Hatyai, the next day hubs drove back to his hometown as I have promised the girls to bring them back to visit their grandparents and cousin brothers. The next morning, we headed to Sentosa Resort World, Singapore as planned earlier.
**The Casino**

**Ooo..I heart this candy tree. I wish my house can have one too...hahhahaha...We were heading towards Universal Studio,Singapore!

I think quite a number of my friends came here in conjunction with the long holiday. If not mistaken Annie-Q and family came here too,right Annie?
**Universal Studio

The crowd were huge on that day....that we need to wait for a long queue for each ride.

**Woody Woodpecker welcome us....

How about some popcorn?

Or Marilyn's Roasted Turkey.....

We decided to feed our tum tum before moving on....despite seeing the huge crowd earlier, i think we need to charge for more energy as to prepare for the long queue. So hubs decided to settle for Gloria's Snack Shack!
**Gloria tum tum manage to attract him...hahhahahha

**Drinks and set lunch we ordered. Foodie already in tum tum....burppp!

**Hubs already have the intention to go for this ride....Cylon!! **shudder**

**He came down with woobly legs and blur vision after the ride.....and I reminded him that he is no longer in 20s.


  1. So many ppl go Universal Studio last school hols. Got offer ka?

  2. @Cleff tarak fact i chosen the day which is non peak one...but still soooooo many ppl.

  3. See your pictures here enough.. no need to go already gua.. hahaha... show more..ok? december sure very jammed up!

  4. @ claire, can go geh.but if u wana go for all the rides and games, then you go for the express pass which will cost you a bit more. Good thing is you no nid to wait like an hour for your turn.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. That time we never enter, but wil go there again...*_^

  7. Wah....u in sg......never informed me else I buy dinner....heheheh....

  8. Wahhhhh.... your lou gong so geng, can drive all the way frm Hatyai(5-6 hrs) and the next day, again drive all the way to Sentosa(4-5 hrs), hat off, salute!!!

    The Universal Studio is some where we me didn't visit on our last trip to Sing, we reckon the anak still too young for the rides... kiasu mode, didn't want to waste the rides and $$ mar!:p

  9. i wish to bring the kids there one day actually.. but when i heard ppl said how pack how pack.. how long the queue.. how expensive to buy the premium pass.. etc etc.. i back off!!! :P so bad.. or maybe wait till the kids are bigger.. :)

  10. @Angeline maybe when your kids get a little older so that they can enjoy most of the rides.

    @Chris i am sure there will be chance in coming times..hehehhe..dont forget kaya toast!

    @Alice no...i went hatyai with my parents not with him nor the kids. After I have landed, only the next day drove back to hometown. Though he can do that, but i would not allow might be dangerous..hhaha. Alice, i lagi kiaus, because kid below 4 yrs old still entitl for free entrance, so before Elise reach four, we quickly went. Tell you what, actually not many rides the kids can go for...

    @agnes it will be a waste if you go during peak season with huge crowd unless u opt for the expensive pass. Else you need to wait for the long queue. Make sure your kids are fully charge with energy...ahhahaha

  11.'re in USS too? Looks like so many people going USS during the long holidays week.

    When you're there? We were there a day before Raya, lucky didn't go on Raya day, it is madness!!

    My hub sister and two of my sil's sons went for that scary roller coaster!! *faint* By looking at it, i already want to vomit.

  12. @Annie I was there after the raya holiday. I thought the crowd should be lesser mana tahu as u's real madness!

  13. salute you. Got energy to go Haadyai the Singapore pulak

  14. such a beautiful place...i've yet to visit this wonderful place.....

  15. So nice get to go Universal Studios. Wow...looks really crowded lah. My Hubby don't dare to go on any roller coaster ride..haha.

  16. Great place for the kis and this big overgrown baby, Bananaz too Would love to try out the Cylon. Should be fun!!!

  17. Sigh! Stuck with babysitting my bedridden mum. I do hope I can get to go one day - wait till my daughter comes home.

  18. I dare not go for rollar coaster anymore.....

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