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Monday, October 3, 2011

UCMAS Hawaiian Night @ Hotel Flamingo

Aloha!! Last weekend, I was invited to UCMAS Annual Dinner and we are supposed to dress up in Hawaiian outfit as the theme was HAWAIIAN night.
**The accessories...Garland

In case you dont know what is UCMAS...
- The UCMAS Mental programme is a brain development programme that stimulates the brain by teaching children to perform mental calculations quickly and accurately without the use of any electronic tool.
- This programme stimulates both the right and left sides of the brain. While the left side is used for logical calculation, the right side is working to visualize the calculation, so that the brain is trained to become more flexible and effective.
**In the arimethic programme, ABACUS is being introduced to the students.

**The beautiful ornaments...

Hardly came across annual dinner with games. But at UCMAS dinner, we get to enjoy ourselves till the max. **Need to collect as many points as possible from each the end you will be rewarded.

*The Games..

**Opening Ceremony by Prof Dr Dino Wong (founder of UCMAS Education Group)

UCMAS programme is available at these countries with Malaysia is the International Headquarters

With bloggers...Karen & Merryn


  1. hey Ling, how come u r not wearing the hawaiian dress?

  2. claire..LOL!! I just had the accessories

  3. Hawaiian theme...reminded me of my ex-company annual dinner. It was at a pool romantic. haha

  4. adoi.. so cepat u blog! Can I copy n paste ur content ah? :P

    Love ur garland. Ethan asked, "Why Ethel's mommy got flowers? Why u don't have?"

    haha.. then he said, "How come Cavan's mommy is here oso?" Slap forehead!

  5. Hawaiian theme, great and fun right...

  6. Tht's a great event! We hv planning to enroll our girl to ucmas too instead of music lesson.:)

  7. Nice theme! Anybody in a grass skirt and wearing coconut shells as the bra? Muahahahahaha!!!

  8. Is your girl in UCMAS? I heard it's quite good. Yalor..why you never wear Hawaiian dress.

  9. wah so fast! i've not even processed those pics I took that nite :(

  10. Hihi.. can I know where did you all buy the hawaian lei..The 1 put around the neck..

  11. @Amelia Wong

    Hi Amelia, I asked the florist to do it for me.



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