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Friday, November 4, 2011

First Day - Taipei Escapades

Sorry for MIA for almost a week. If you read my FB status, you know I was at Taiwan last week. Right after i touched down our BolehLand, Hubs was sick...then followed by the girl and the last victim was me.At this time, when you are reading this post, I am still in 'conk out mode'.

Despite of our busy schedules and different commitments, we just can't wait to get rid out from the hustle bustle city when there is one single chance to do so. We departed on 26th October 2011 which was a Deepavali Holiday at 5.45pm heading to Taipei.

This was one of the longest and farthest escapades I had with my besties...

We landed at Tao Yuan Airport about 10.30pm and we were transfered to the hotel for check in. FYI, we opted for a ground tour, therefore we don't need to worry on the itinerary considering three of us have 'half bucket water' knowledge on mandarin except bestie's husband.
*Hotel Lobby**

Our first night stayed at Zai Yan Leader Hotel.
ADDRESS:No. 39, Nanhua Street, Taoyuan City, Taoyuan.
Though the room is relatively small, but most important is clean and cozy enough for us to call it a night.

It was almost half past 11 upon checking in, but we don't want to call it a night till we have fed our tum tum..About 10 mins walking distance from the hotel, we found some night eateries.

Mix and Match.....

Stuffed pao....with pork and vege

Pan Fried Pork Bun @ RM1 each.

Last but not least, a bowl of of warm noodle.....That's where we call it a night.

The next morning, we woke up about 7am to prepare for our first day itinerary.. After our so called 'unsatisfied breakfast' at the hotel and while waiting for the tour guide to arrive, we took a walk along the street to see if we can get some better local delicacies.

We opted for Pan Fried Carrot Cake.....

Fragrant Pan Fried Carrot Cake is ready......

Noticed the eggs here are white in colour....

If you still remember, I mentioned in my previous post here to guess where I will be going for my holiday...After checking out the answers, no one guess the correct answer....No sweat as I already brought back some souvenirs.....hehheheh. So, do check out my blog from time to time to grab the souvenir **hint**hint**...


  1. Wow... food looks nice but not the inner part of pork, I dont eat that!!

    Me always wish to visit Taiwan, taipei!! Cool cool!! =D

  2. So we still got chance to win souvenir from you lor? Hehehe...waiting for ur next post from Taipei! U made me miss Taipei again!

  3. Get well soon and drink lotsa water.. Love the food there.. me likey.. Can't wait for the 2nd day posting.. :)

  4. Hope all 3 of u are in the best of health again. Traveling always makes people sick because of lack of sleep and changed of weather.

    Love love Taiwan. Too many good food to eat!

  5. @Bendan Yes, i dont eath those as well..LOL!!

    @Sasha Yea..foodie at every single corner

    @Angeline yes..yes..i brought back some. Perhaps you wana plan a trip there again...

    @InspiredMomx1 Thanks dearie. Yupp....i like the food at the night market.

    @mNhL Thanks HL. Yuppp...I love Taiwan too.More foodie pics later..hehehhehe

  6. You guys brought back Taiflu haha. Hope all are well now. Take care.

  7. u went to Taiwan... looking forward to more pictures cos i wanted to try the street snacks, as they called it..
    what did i guess last time? Gold coast!! hahaha..

  8. @Bananaz LOL...Oh no no...i did not bring back the Taiflu...the Flu was already in the house.

    @Claire Yes...lotsa of street snacks. No worry...I will still be giving out souvenir for the lucky one...hehehhe

  9. oooo nice!! I missed taiwan already..and like how some of the food shown here

  10. My friend went to Taiwan last week too... Came home and posted photo of piansip (some local thing like wantan) on her Facebook wall and captioned it. "Home food is still the best!" I guess going there, like coming here or anywhere else, you need people who know where you can get the best in town...or you'll be shortchanged.

    Humph!!! Can go Taiwan...wouldn't come to Sibu! Tsk! Tsk!

  11. So fun....

    Looking forward for ur next post.

  12. Taiwan is always good with food.... have a good time!

  13. went Taiwan. Can't wait for your next post. Get well soon to all at home.

  14. @Little Lamb Me too....Taiwan touch my heart..

    @MummyGwen Thanks the process of recovering

    @Chris Good food and with good people around.

    @Mery was great.

  15. @STP Well, our tour guide told us dont compare with others, for we are here to enjoy every moment spend at their country. Hey....I am coming right...LOL!

    @prince & princess mom Holiday over

    @Eric Plan to go again? The street snacks were awesome

    @SK more oink oink to come..LOL!!

  16. so many nice food just for the day 1 only.. more food to come ya.. hehhee..

  17. I've never been to Taiwan but seems to me like the trip there is for food, food, food! Hehe..ok can't wait for your 2nd day post.

  18. Hi Yee Ling,

    Nice review on your Taiwan trip. Will be visiting Taiwan this August, can't wait!! May I know which ground tour you guys booked? For how many days & how much? Thanks!

    1. Hi...

      Thanks for the compliments. That's good to hear that soon you will be having a great vacation in Taiwan. Bet you will have a great time there. If not mistaken we booked our ground tour through Apple Holiday. That time they were having a promo and add up with some other fees which came up to RM700++. It was a 5D4N ground tour.



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