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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

LaSenza New Pin Up Store Launched @ One Utama

It was my privilege to get an exclusive invites to the launching of La Senza New Pin Up Concept Store @ One Utama. In a while, you are about to check out their new, polka dot and pinkylicious sassy facelift of this 'Pin Up' Concept Store...

Now, I shall bring you to drool over some sweetylicious,hot red and pinky desserts first..

Mind you all these are edible =)

**A glass of champagne for that evening..

Before the event was about to start,one and another celebrities were spotted such as Amber Chia, Ana R, Aisyah Sinclair, Atilia, Serena C & Lina Teoh. I tell you it was a posh star-studded event I ever attended!

Check out La Senza 'Pin-Up' Concept Store, the first ever concept store in Malaysia which is located at One Utama Shopping Centre (new wing). Check it out if you haven't.

Dont you think these will be a perfect X'mas gift - Grab it now as they are having promo!!

Last but not least, I shall bring you to check out their latest Holiday Collection complete with glitters, bows and tutus**oppss, did i say tutus** Well, you shall see it then.....**guys, you might want to get ready with some tissues in case some red fluid coming out from your nose..=P

The eight hot models featuring LaSenza Holiday Collection....

Dont miss out their promotion which is ending 13th Nov 2011.Purchase 2 pairs of bras and get the THIRD pair for FREE!


  1. Hawt!!!!! :p

    P/s: I was actually drooling at the strawberry tart. Hehehe.

  2. Very interesting, Ling.. Must be very expensive...

  3. the crowd went crazy at the models dun they? Pushing and shoving all the way!

  4. Wow!!! Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous... The desserts look stunning. Want did you buy? Something skimpy, black lace and the whole works? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  5. @SK nice?LOL!!

    @CheeYee I think u will be able to come out with something similiar too,rite.

    @claire yupp...pretty cool event.

    @Bananaz LOL! Wow Wow!!

    @Merryn Yea ler...the pushing was unavoidable especially when the store was revealed.**pening that time**LOL!!

    @STP they rich....i am not...LOL!! Cant afford to buy anything..ahahhha

  6. Never buy this brand before.. Love the colors actually.

  7. Wah, another La Senza post. Not only the guys nose will bleed my eyes also went @.@

  8. and i read this in office!!! O.O hahaha

  9. WOW.. U NO SEXY LIKE THEM? hehehehehe...

  10. You're prettier than all of them... Which one did you get for yourself? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  11. Very nice.....I love this brand,but not cheap unless have some promos then can consider buy.



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