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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kidzania, Kuala Lumpur - A City of Kids

KidZania, Kuala Lumpur is officially open on the 28th February 2012, and last Sat we get to bring the girls to explore the City of Kids. KidZania building has the same concept like an airport. First, we need to present our tickets to the ground staff in order to receive our boarding pass and bracelets.
**Not very pleased because the ground staff  is supposed to give us the park map and 50 Kidzos cheque  for each of the kids, which they did not. Therefore we had to run down again to get it ourselves=(   In case they did not give you, please do ask from them.**

The price list as shown.

Our bracelets and 50 Kidzos cheque which can be used to open an account at Kidzania's bank (CIMB Bank). Once your bank account is created, you will be given an ATM card.

Proceed to the next level for boarding. At this level, your bracelet will need to be scanned by the staff before entering the theme park.

KidZania- Get Ready for a Better World. In here, your kids will be able play the oldest known game - PLAYING GROWN-UPS!
*In order to become a driver, your kid got to meet certain requirements such as the age and height. Kid must be above 4 yrs old and have at least 120cm. Big E does not meet the requirements...sobs**She cannot drive, thus cannot do the refueling.

At KidZania, it has its own currency which is known as Kidzo. Kids will get paid by working or it can be used to purchase goods or services. That's sounds pretty cool,right? They get to learn and experience what adults are actually doing in reality.
Their first job....Cleaning window and both of them get to earn Kidzos! Happy nya!

Big E got the chance to become a tour guide and she also get paid for the job. While small E get to experience the job of delivering and collecting parcel from selective places. I didn't know hubs brought big E to become the TM technician..aaahahhaha....Wondering what they were fixing....

Big E didn't get to fly the plane because there were some 'hiccups' going on between the parents and staffs. Bigger kids were pushing the smaller one which annoyed big E. At last, we both gave up and left. =(

Both of them get back in the mission again, to work for the bank. They are supposed to collect Kidzos from selected establishments as required by the bank.
**They fully armed before proceeding with their special task......hehehehhe

Big E actually went for two training sessions. The first session was merely a talk without going for a practical training (fire fighting). I was told that it is a rotating session whereby one session is on the talk and another is on the practical training. **I was not pleased again as the staff did not mention to us the session is actually on the talk or fire fighting. I would be happy at least they take the courtesy to inform us when we were queuing.** We will then have a choice whether to join that particular session or not. To me, I think every kids will wish to experience the fire fighting,right? Anyway, both sessions also the kids will get paid.

While my little vain pot went for a manicure session. Instead of getting paid, small E has to pay for the service...The sweet jie jie (big sister) was providing her a good and patience service. I know it's not easy to handle this 'cili padi', but the little girl did a good job! Anyway, how do you know whether you will get paid or vice versa. Simple, look out for this sign ' ECONOMY Z+ (you will get paid), ECONOMY Z- (you have to pay).

At the end of the day, the kids have gained lots of  precious knowledge while exploring what it's like to live and work in a real functioning city.  Hubs and I were having good time accompanying them, that we both so wanted to be a kid again. Overall, I think there are more rooms for improvement that KidZania should look into. Hopefully the next time we go again, we will enjoy ourselves more.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur (Curve NX)
Rakan Riang Sdn Bhd,
Level 9 Menara UAC,
12 Jalan PJU 7/5, Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
T + 1300 88 KIDZ (5439)
F + 603 7839 9488


  1. we just came back from Kidzania and i was pretty annoyed with them too. they have to speed up on their customer service.

  2. Fully agreed with you about the fire fighter task. The q is the same, but some only got the chance to listen to the talk only, pretty unfair..... I'm sure all the kids would love to have 'hands-on experience' on putting off the fire......

  3. I want to be a kid again too. Can bring me there ar?

  4. I think this is pretty new to the staff as as time goes by, they will improve by experience..
    Looks pretty complicated to this senior adult here.. hahaaa...

  5. I guess we are lucky to not come into any problem except for the 'uniform problem' for the AirAsia pilot..

  6. Not bad oh...good experience for kids. Hope I can bring Ryan there one day.

  7. sigh...kecil kecil already kena tendang become kuli liao....end of childhood :p

  8. Saw this in Merryn's blog. Brilliant idea!

  9. @prince n princess mum

    Yes, that's why I was not pleased with it. Hopefully they will do something about it as I have heard lot of complaints over this allocation.

  10. @Quay Po Cooks

    Quay Po, I can bring you there but hor, you can only see the kids play...ehehehhehe. Probably we can just chill at the cafe.

  11. @reanaclaire

    Claire, hope so as we'll go back again for sure.

  12. @Merryn are way too lucky. But it will be nice if he wears the uniform,right?

  13. @MeRy

    When you come KL, make sure you put it in your list.heehehhe

  14. @suituapui

    Yes...awesome one!! Will go back again some days.

  15. IN any organisation, there is always some teething problem. Hence, I believe they will improve as they go along. I lowered my expectations cos I got to come for free. I cant be too demanding right??? Anyway we left earlier because P got shocked by some noise and kept insisting to go home..

  16. @LittleLamb

    Ahahhaha....since I have to pay for Elise and her dad, so got the chance to voice out a bit.

  17. What a nice adventure. Both big E and small E must be enjoying themselves, except for some hiccups...Did you get to play all the 'jobs' there? Small E is very independent, she can go in alone by herself!

  18. I guess it is pretty new now. Wait for some time, Kidzania will get enough feedback to improve in its customer service, supply of uniform and so on. Your little girl is so adorable.

  19. that's so cool and it's like a heaven for kids! why didnt they have this 10 years earlier so that i can go as well?

    Latest: Penang Food Festival

  20. @Kitty

    She can be very independent...depending on her mood also..hehehheh

  21. @Sheoh Yan

    I think is hard to please every customers....ahahhahah. Anyway, we still have an enjoyable time there.

  22. @FiSh. ohFISHiee

    Hahhahaha....10 years back we were still far behind. Nowadays everything is so advance.

  23. I've seen in a few blogs already about this Kidzania. I will definitely pay them a visit but maybe when it's not too crowded? Maybe go on weekday hahaha.

  24. Great exposure for kids to get a feel of doing what they will doing in the future. I can see your little ones having a great time and the manicure must have been very trilling.

  25. Kai miss . . I'm Farah . As a staff,we learn by mistake . Sometimes we make mistake and maybe sometimes we forget to give what a customer need.I'm sorry because you need to get down and get the map and the cheque yourself.I'm promise , this things will never happen again.We will try our best to make our customer satisfied with our services :)

  26. @Carolyn (Lil' Dahling)

    Weekday will be a great choice because there only have session.

  27. @Nava.K girl enjoyed the manicure session..hahahhah.

  28. @Gadish Lollipop
    Kai Farah!! Thanks for dropping by my blog & you words of concern. Appreciate it. Yes, agreed with you everyone learn by mistake and I am sure as time goes, KidZania will get lots better and better.I am looking forward to visit again. Z-U!

  29. Hai, Farah, there will be a session on weekdays during school holidays?



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