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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY : Chinese New Year ULARlala Red Packets

Since, I have to accompany the girls to do their homework every night, I thought I want to kill my time by doing a simple Chinese New Year craft. I searched around and stumbled across The Silly Pearl. Saw many interesting and creative DIY crafts from the blog author and one that catches my attention is this ULARlala red packets.

First, get the free printables from her website :

The Square Angpow Template :

I did not print it directly on a red paper, so there is one extra step for me which is to trace it on the red paper and cut it out.

Fold in two sides and glue it (or tape).

Fold the bottom part and glue it. The top (curved) shall be the red packet closure.

Tadaa....the ULARlala red packets are done. Do you think I shall have Chinese New Year angpow giveaway? *hehehehheheh***


  1. patience! I guess I just go to the banks and get free angpow packets.LOL

  2. Wahhhh!!!! Make your own, kah? So free lah you... Come, make for me too. Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. So lovely, Yee Ling, this Ulala angpow is made with love la!

  4. Wah, you are making your own angpow?! Nice and unique~

  5. that is nice..
    DIY ulala red packets...

  6. Very cute and creative. DIY red packets. Happy Chinese New Year to you & family

  7. It looks great! Handmade ang pows makes it all the more meaningful, something I'll personally keep.

    Happy CNY Yee Ling! :)

  8. Ulala so unique angpow packets, cute snakes lah

  9. Lol.. first time I saw DIY ang pow.. Bravo!! Huat ar.. =)



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