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Friday, January 18, 2013

Random photos during my getaway to Hatyai.

Yeah..coming to the weekend already! Gonna be extremely busy as we will be heading to the OCBC Cycle Malaysia 2013 event happening at the heart of the city tomorrow. Not me who is going to cycle, but the girls. They are getting pretty excited over it for this will be their very first time cycling on the public roads. I hope tomorrow will be a beautiful day for everyone to enjoy their rides.

Meanwhile, enjoy some pics I took during my trip to Hatyai. If you follow my FB, this was indeed a much backdated post. It was a holiday getaway with my buddies somewhere in Nov last year. I choose not to tag along my camera, therefore all the pics were taken using my camera phone but some photos are credited to my brother.

Upon check in at the hotel, we quickly went to the nearest hawker stall to fill up our tummy. My bestie brought us to this little humble stall for their signature Kuay Teow. Can you see the difference between their kuay teow and ours?

The soup version. Just like 'wat tan hor'

No doubt, I love the queen of fruits but definitely not the juice. My friend bought one bottle of this but a sip was enough to shoo me away from this horribe drinks..ehhehehhe. RM5/bottle. Not cheap ehh.

I still love VITAGEN....

Porky Sandwich. Nope, I did not buy this.

Bento....but it was not enticing enough for me to adopt the rice bear..Give me Annie Q's bento anytime.ahhahahaha

We saw a lady pushing a wheel cart selling these. At that time, we were still full and maybe we can come back later for it. To our surprise, we lost sight of this aunty and we missed out the bouncy and smoky balls.***sulking**

Some colorful and attractive local delicacies...

Coconut ice cream to cool down the body.

At night, our friend suggested to dine at this restaurant. Let the photos do the talking.....

Kelapa Bakar (Baked Coconut)....nothing luxury inside but the sweet and fragrant juice is enough to bring down the temperature and heat in the body.

Well, it seems that the above kelapa (coconut) is not luxury enough ehh? Then, pay a little bit more for a luxurious coconut. One piece to share amongst four. Damn kiasu, wei!

Double boiled bird's nest with gingko in coconut.

Didn't quite enjoy it due to the sweetness level. Luckily we pandai, ordered one only. That's the benefit of being KIASU.**blek***

Old habit hard to die. Even though in foreign country, we still love visiting McD. Hatyai also have McCafe, ok.

Despite numerous times I had been to Hatyai, this was the first time getting the chance to try out their pork burger.

No Ummmppphhh feeling at all.....

But it's a YES to the PINEAPPLE PIE just like how nice is the movie, Life of Pi!

Our last meal before departing....

Sekian, terima kasih. (Till then......)

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Somehow, nothing that turns me on...unfortunately. Maybe I would like the tom yam.

  2. looks so nice leh...lau hau sui jor. People said the vitagen sedap wor

  3. The local delicacies, yummy!

    Why the mangosteen drink is not nice?

  4. I hope your girls have a wonderful time cycling outdoor in group.

    If I go to Thailand, I will sure gain fat back. So many good food.

  5. Will traveling Hatyai this coming June, thanks for your sharing!

  6. Dang! You should have bought the sandwich. Its very yummy! I will hunt down the 7-11 and supermarkets to stock up on this lovely porky sandwich on every visit to Thailand!

  7. Lovely montage of the Hatyai trip - love the bird's nest in coconut, the pork burger, the meat balls. It looks like an awesome trip.

    Good luck to your girls cycling! :D

  8. So many good food. You travel to hatyai quite often??

  9. LING..looking at your food here, I wanna book a ticket to Hatyai tomorrow! hahahaha.... I really miss that place.. used to go many years ago.. Really love the food there..

  10. I've yet to visit Hatyai. Heard it's a nice place for shopping :)

  11. The best part of travelling is to taste the local food..sometimes fast food chain has different set of meals to cater for the locals just like KFC in the Philippines, their menu is some what different from those we have in Malaysia.

  12. So yummy! Jalan2 and makan2 in Thailand is fun... Their food is good and not too expensive.

  13. Out of all the food, I loves the Bento. I have tried the pork burger at Hatyai before. I thought pork burger is part of McD Thailand but surprisingly I could not find the same thing in McD Bangkok.

  14. lovely photosss.... Your photos successfully made me hungry! It reminds me of the heavenly food when I was there two years back~



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