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Thursday, April 18, 2013

TRAVEL : MELBOURNE, CBD on our Second Day

SkyBus is a convenient and affordable public transport you can choose from upon landing at the Melbourne International Airport. Hop on and enjoy the express service between the airport and City Centre.

You may want to get your ticket first before hop on the SkyBus.

One way, priced at AUD17.

Once the bus drop you at Southern Cross Station, you may want to opt for the Hotel Transfer Service. Just head over to the counter and check with the staff which city accomodation you are checking in.

Then, you will be directed to the shuttle bus for the hotel transfer at no additional cost.

The shuttle bus dropped us right beside the hotel which is located at Swanston Street.

Still cannot believe it that this city accommodation is charging us for AUD680 per night - Rydges Hotel

The Executive Suites at Rydges Hotel

We then headed out to the convenient store check out for BIG M...I mean the MILK. Which is your choice of flavour?

Hmmm...spotted these cute Cadbury candy. Have you seen this in Malaysia?

Anyway, HB bought these as our breakfast on the go. MARS with Honeycomb is my fav! Kit Kat also very good. Spoil with choices of candy bars.

HB got this Myki at the convenient store as well. It is required for trams and trains. It works similar way like the London Oyster Card.

The trams that running around the Central Business District.

Oooh...what happen to the VICTORIA LIBRARY? lol

China town which is located along the Little Bourke Street.

I reckon these bicycles are for rent so you can explore the city better.

Melbourne GPO which is located in the heart of CBD,Melbourne. Hmmm..I should have pull HB in to shop till drop.

Arghh...not even MYER & David Jones. Never mind, he promise me that he will bring me back again some day.*winks**

A place which HB wanted to bring me for a good breakfast. A small lane in CBD called the  Hardware Lane.


  1. I love those buildings!!! =]

  2. So nice. Dunno if/when I will ever get to go to Melbourne or any place in Oz.... Sighhhhhhh!!!!! :(

  3. Never had Big M before... i've checked their calories and i remember the drink was quite fattening, since i've been watching my diet since then, oh well... might as well give it a pass :P

  4. You didn't buy the Caramelllo Koala and Fredo chocs for your girls? We sapu so many packets home last time :p Actually you can also find this in Jaya Grocer or Cold Storage in Msia but expensive! I've never seen or tried the Big M fav flavour is just fresh/plain.

  5. I miss the Hardware Lane... was the food good there?

  6. What happen to the Library? Only half signboard is shown up.

  7. The chocolates in OZ always tastes better than Malaysia's. Well, that's for me. Next time sapu banyak-banyak chocolates home. ;)

  8. Did u try their PURA milk ? It was such a goodness!

  9. second round must make a list of places to go

  10. The whole street looks nice and fun. The hotel is soooooo expensive but it was comfortable & happy, never mind the price!

  11. Oooo I miss those treats! Should have booked you guys to bring some home for me:D

  12. all these photos makes me wanna jump on a plane to Melborne... :D

  13. Are you kidding me? AUD 680 / night & u really stayed there?

  14. those bicycles are great. I love them and miss them. I should get one again when I get back. The city is just awesome. I fell in love with it.



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