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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shops and Local Delicacies at Chatuchak Weekend Market (Jatujak Market), Bangkok..

A trip to Bangkok is never completed without shopping at one of the world's largest weekend markets, Chatuchak Weekend Market (Jatujak Market). A shopping heaven...Uniting everything buyable

From picking up some vintage souvenirs for friends back home

Or are you a fashionista? This is definitely a fashion pool to dive in!

Trendy clothing along the streets....

Thematic booths that you might have no idea what are they selling but to go in and check it out!

If not are not a shopaholic,fret not! You can hunt for drinks and street vendors selling delicious and perhaps exotic local delicacies that may surprise your taste bud. For us, we didn't really keen to shop, thus we would like to explore more on the local food.

Kids catching some sleep while the parents (vendors) are busy trading.

According to the lady, this is octopus fish boe.We reckoned is fish stomach. We go tempted to try it.

Hmmmpp....I still can't figure out where is the octopus.

One of the common street food in Thai that looks like pork balls. Well, it is better known as the Thai Fermented Sausage(Sai Krok Isan)

For what i knew, grilling is by far the best cooking method. I can't agree more with that. Need a kick for the taste bud? Munch together with the fiery cili padi!

A big pot of fragrant curry....

Only spotted chicken feet and lots of fish balls..LOL!

In another stainless steel pot...chunks of pig blood.

Which makes a plate of flavorful noodles.

Choose your own condiments as suggested by the locals. The types of  veges...

Anyone can enlighten me on what is the name of this dish...It's delicious!!

Weather is getting hotter by noon time. You just have to keep looking for some cooling drinks or desserts.

You can never miss the rich and creamy Thai Coconut Ice Cream.

Side condiments included : Peanuts, corn, kidney beans and of course my fav, Thai glutinous rice. Heavenly!

It's a sin not to eat it while you are here!

To get to Chatuchak weekend market via SkyTrain BTS,
Get off at Sapan Khwai Station or Mochit Station MRT get off at Kamphaenpetch Station

Chatuchak Weekend Market Operating Hour:
Wed - Thurs : 6am - 6pm (Plants and Flowers)
Friday : 6am - 6pm (Wholesale Day)
Sat - Sun : 6am - 6pm (Miscellaneous) - Best time to go!


  1. I havent been there before.. the other day I went, no time to drop by here.. will post up my pictures soon .. :)

  2. I heard many people said about this market. But never been there before... We go hatyai instead... nearer..

    I would love to try the coconut ice cream...

    Hazy and hot days these days isn't it?

  3. Was that curry noodle or tom yam? ... Can I order withour the pig blood???

  4. Pity the kids sleeping there, while their parents are working for hard earn money...

  5. why why why, why so many peoples blogged about chatuchak, make me feel like flying there now, I mean RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  6. I love that huge market like crazy. When I was small it was called "Thieves Market" where they sold goods that looked like being stolen or excess from factories. They had a few until it grew too big and relocated to this present one near the Don Muang airport. There is one old popular Thieves market at Nakhon Karem near the Chinatown.

    Your favourite food is called Khanom Jeen which makes me drool any minute. I found similar ones being sold at the Lai Thai Market @ Happy Mansion in Section 17 and Bangkok House in 1 Mont Kiara. Good luck!

  7. the coconut ice cream looks super duper good! I heard most of the foods in Bangkok are more to the sweeter side?

  8. Although I have been to Chatuchak market three times but i still haven't finish the whole market. The reason that i go to ChatuChak market is that i wanna buy their local Designer T-Shirt like THE GUARD etc.

  9. wow....really a wonderful market.All sorts of exotic stuffs and food can be find there.

  10. I wanna go BKK la! Really a food and shopping paradise!!

  11. I love chatuchak market, but it is so hot. I will normally go back to hotel before noon because it is getting unbearable by then.

  12. Been here and to many other markets in whole of Thailand. The first few markets can be very exciting. After that, its like seeing the same thing over and over. That said, I just love Thai food for the blend of the 5 tastes.

  13. Cili padi....fuiyoh....very pedas leh.....



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