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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swan Lake Guest House @ Phillip Island: Great Bed and Breakfast for a relaxing getaway

I would say this is one of the best guest houses if you are looking for a great bed and breakfast at Phillip Island.

HB told me traveling to Phillip Island will be a relaxing getaway, what's not when this place offers a spectacular view over looking the sea and surrounded with lush of green.

If you are lucky enough, you might be able to spot wallabies hoping around in the field at dawn, which we did!

During the entire stay, our host, Bernie taking her very best care of us. She managed to help us on the car rental at the very last minutes, since we need a car to travel to the best attractions which are scattered around the Phillip Island.

The lounge

Upon arrival, Bernie welcomed us warmly and we were made to feel at home. She then, served us with her homemade oat cookies and chocolate biscuits.

It's TEA TIME....

Odette & Siegfried's Room @ Swan Lake Guest House

HB got Bernie to arrange a bouquet of flowers to surprise me.Well, I guess Bernie did not get HB's idea but she was kind enough to go to the market and got these fresh flowers for us at no extra cost.

The breakfast was lovely and served just right for us, but Bernie made sure there was ample.

Spread of jam

Cereal of your choice. Pick one or more!

The delish croissant!One is not enough...

And condiments such as ham, cheese and tomatoes.

Miss this place a lot and would love to go back some day again. In fact, her homemade oat cookies is also another reason to crave for...

Just we were about to leave the guest house,a rainbow appeared to bid us farewell which made a mesmerizing moment to behold.


  1. Wow the place is lovely!

    Gorgeous flowers :-)

  2. wow...i love the breakfast and the place was so peaceful!

  3. I would love to go too... if whole contingent go, then not so romantic already hor? hahaha... it will be another type of fun and joy!! :)

  4. Ooooo...what a lovely relaxing place. Great treats too! The cookies look so good indeed. Yum! Yum!

  5. What a nice place...I would like to visit too, if I got a budget :)

  6. It is my tea time and I am drooling at all the photos of the tea bags and food! So yummy! I would love to laze in that kind of luxury place and read books!

  7. I will love to go to a place like this when I have the budget, obviously. =D

    It's so relaxing, so nice and has a homely feel to it.

  8. Aw, those bakes are lovely! Nice shots!

  9. Wow...what a great place to relax and unwind. Yummy bakes and beverages.

  10. I love love love the house!! So nice, almost like my dream house! Haha xD

  11. love the place lah.. such peace and beautiful sceneries... definately perfect for some r&r and also romance?? ;)

  12. Such a cosy and comfy place to travel..

  13. Swan lake! Named after the opera. I've enjoyed reading the post in Huai Bin's blog, and it's nice to see this one from your point of view, Ling. :D

  14. I'm glad you liked it dear! :)

    Yeah, Bernie sure is a great host and the place is amazing! I'm really glad it turned out the way it did, the view is fabulous and you can hear the strong wind blowing to the sea at night.

    The fruit bread was really good!



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