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Sunday, July 24, 2016

A taste of Local Durian in Penang

Still remember HB and I went to Penang just for durian? Check out the durians we have eaten there.

Red Prawn / Ang He / Udang Merah
We were lucky to find Red Prawn  when we reached Balik Pulau. If I remember correctly,it was the last one they had in the stall that day. Without hesitating, I asked HB to get it since I have never tried Ang He before. It was one of the reasons to come Penang for this!

The level of complexity is hard to describe unless you have try it yourself. I like it is not too fibrous but smooth and creamy and of course the bitterness! I got to say this is one of the best durians I have ever eaten. No wonder why the demand for this durian is so popular. I read those rich tycoons have pre order this durian when it starts to flower.

Kim Lin (Golden Dragon)

We stopped by the second stall looking for different species. Hmmm...Golden Dragon sounds noble! To open it, one requires precision, I guess. Get a sharp knife and slice through it since it doesn't have a defined middle segment.

Probably, a durian you will not keep in mind after eating it. I m not saying it is not good, just like kampung durian and not too bad.

Hor Lor
I have heard a lot about this durian because it looks like a 'gourd'. Very obvious looking like a 'labu'. looks impressive inside because all segments are filled with the flesh. Distinctively sweet durian, so it wasn't something I will eat in future again but since it was my first time eating it, is all good. I always have more room for bitter durian though.

Black Thorn/Orchee
We plan to have one more durian before heading back to KL. It was indeed our day because we found Black Thorn at this stall.

I was very excited like the lively worm competing who get to savor the golden orange flesh first! Na...I get to eat first. Bye bye cacing....

Oh..yumms! The bitterness is typically strong that I almost got drunk by the alcoholic taste. It has distinctive flavor which is so memorable that I would say is another best durians I have ever tasted. It is highly comparable with red prawn and musang king.

It was a such a fruiftul trip because I get to taste all different kinds of durians which I always wanted  because it is rarely to get in KL especially Red Prawn. Even if you manage to find one, it may not be as fresh as we can get in Penang.

I love to eat durian because my dad fed me lots of durians when I was small. We have a small orchard behind our kampung house but we only have D24 back then. D24 is considered a premium durian, and my dad can sell the excess for a good price. I get more pocket money when I help to collect the durians...Nah, actually I get to choose the good ones and keep for myself..Haha

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Simple Bento : Pan Fried Salmon with Rice

I am back! I didn't go anyway la except busy with work and of course kids. I also spend most of the  weekends watching K-drama.Yea, I have switched to K drama nowadays, because it's much more interesting .After watching HK drama for the past decades, it's time to make a change..hahaha

How nice if I could also make such a nice drink while watching the videos...Yea, I miss the Matcha latte from Fifth Palate. Not sure can tapao back home or not..

When the WIFI connection is no good, it means I have some extra time to kill. Go clean clean my deserted edible garden. I remember I germinated lettuce seed some time ago, but I have no idea why it pop up with abundance of Malabar spinach. So confusing...Nevertheless better than nothing.

Initially, I thought I can have lettuce in my bento...No luck then so I bought some fresh ones from the market. Today, I cooked pan fried salmon with rice. Oooh...I have the feeling my bento will be damn delicious la!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Home-Cooked Style at Double Happiness Kitchen, Kota Damansara

The big one was craving for western food and we were thinking where to dine at an affordable place in the morning. I thought of Double Happiness Kitchen which is run by a friend of mine, Queenie.I have known this pretty mom for a long time and I heard she has quit her job and now running her restaurant business with her family members.

It was a wise decision coming here because they have western and Asian dishes which we can choose from.Fish and Chips and it is only RM9.90!

Iced Milo for me. (RM2.60) Where to get la with this price when it is so thick and rich.

Kimchi Fried Udon (RM8.90). Highly recommended.The kimchi sauce is not overpowering and well balanced with the noodles and vegetables. I wasn't a huge fan of kimchi but this was divine and appetizing and fit just right for me.

Black pepper udon (RM8.90) which is equally good as the kimchi udon except with a hint of spicines from the black pepper which is all good for the palate, even my girl has no problem eating it. Relatively, udon is tasteless and required lots of flavor and glad they have well seasoned it. We even ordered another one to go.

Queenie was kind enough to offer us a crispy and aromatic fried chicken. This was a hit among us, my mom who is not a fan of deep fried food find it not too oily and delicious. She wanted to order another one but due to her health cautious, I said we can come back again next time. Haha

We also ordered some YTF - soup dumpling, stuffed chili and lady finger. You can order plain noodles or rice to go with it.

Yong Tau Fu (RM1.50/pc) is made upon request using 100% fish paste.I secretly wish for more fish paste because it is homemade and so tantalizing just like how my mom made it at home.

Double Happiness Kitchen
No 22A, Jalan Teknologi 3/6D,
Taman Sains Selangor 1,Seksyen 3,
Kota Damansara

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bingsu at Beans N Beans Citta Mall

Me : Want to get some dessert tonight?
Kids : Yea..yea. Ice cream! Ice cream!
Me : How about bingsu?
Kids : What is bingsu?
Me : ice kacang.
Kids : Okok...where to eat?
Me : Beans Beans?
Kids : What??? Mr Bean cafe
Me : No called Beans & Beans
Kids : Mr Bean there?
Me : Grhhh...No la!
Let's go!

We headed to Citta mall for bingsu after discovering there is a new Korean dessert cafe has opened not long ago and we decided to give it a try. Lots of enticing desserts and drinks calling out to me..Haha

I was eyeing for the Matcha Bomb Bread though but I know the kids would prefer shaved ice.

I ordered Choco Bingsu (RM17.80). It looks huge with mouth-watering toppings namely the oreo biscuits and crumbs, sliced bananas, a scoop of chocolate ice cream and the brownies which I heart most.

I find the bingsu average good because the chocolate shaved ice wasn't as rich and creamy as I have expected. Probably the sweetness from the toppings has over powering the flavor of the shaved ice. Nevertheless, the kids enjoyed it but they are reluctant to come back for a second time because all of us were struggling to finish it. Haha
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