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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meet MasterChef Australia Judge, George Calombaris, Live in Kuala Lumpur!

*Latest Update! Venue change.

Are you a fan of MasteChef Australia?**us waving hands**

Thanks to Lifetime Asia - For the first time they are bringing judge and celebrity chef, George Calombaris to meet his fans in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the new season of MasterChef Australia Season 6. * MasterChef Australia S6 airs weeknights at 7pm and 11pm, on Lifetime (Astro Ch 709)*

During his tour, he will take part in ‘The Great George Taste-Off’ – to try the top three Malaysian dishes as voted by fans on the Lifetime Asia website – besides showcasing his signature dish with a unique Asian twist! *woots**

We are super excited for this golden opportunity to meet George and can’t wait to see which three local dishes he will taste. What say you?

I guess the first cuisine is none other than our famous national dish – Nasi Lemak . I personally enjoy having a packet of nasi lemak for breakfast, served with crispy anchovies, peanuts hard-boiled egg and topped with delicious sambal to complete the dish. There is no uumph without the sambal just like asam laksa without the asam (tamarind).

Talking about Asam Laksa – a popular spicy noodle soup, which CNN Travel ranked Penang Assam Laksa 7th out of the 50 most delicious food in the world. I foresee there is no reason why he should skip this local delicacy. Problem! After following so many Masterchef Australia seasons, you should know his palate has moderate toleration for hot food. Gee…I bet this gonna be a tough challenge for him.Yet we are excited to find out if his toleration for spicy food has actually level up.

As mentioned earlier, he will showcase his signature dish with a unique Asian twist! Home cooks and fans, don’t miss out this chance to watch him cook up a storm and enjoy a special treat as he shares his favorite recipes on this day. See you there!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Of Weekday and Weekend

If you are constantly living in a big rat race, how bad are you yearning for the weekend? Although, I do enjoy weekend holiday but  I also love going to work as much.(That's an understatement..haha)  You know why? To me : Working day = Cost saving day!

The expenses I need to fork out over the 5 working days are food and petrol, albeit I only need to refuel once a week. Yup, that's how fuel-efficient my car is. (Also because I don't need to travel like 10km to work) For my breakfast and lunch, usually I will not spend more than RM10/day.

*Yup,you can still have a bowl of dessert everyday, provided you had a nasi lemak priced at RM1.50 earlier.*

My weekday saving actually contra with the expenses that I will  use over the weekend..Sometimes, I tend to overspend especially going out with the kids. I cannot apply 'no toy policy' all the time. Mom can shop but kids cannot, doesn't sound fair to them, right? Hehe

Nevertheless,  I still longing for the weekend (told you earlier is understatement) as it is the best time to beat stress and also doing something I enjoy.

Things to do to occupy the free time. It can be cost free or expensive. How about you?

1) Shopping - 'You're right,shopping won't fix the problem. But it will put me in a better mood for when I actually have to deal with it.'

Some loots from Typo. I got myself a mason jar, glass milk bottle and colorful paper straws which I have been looking all around. Glad I found it.

Is an expensive retail therapy..Haha. Guess which item is the most expensive one? Hmmm..No prize for the correct answer.

2) Food - 'Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.'- Hippocrates

Drive out  to look for food during the weekend, agree?

3) Cafe Hopping -
I know some friends who love checking out themed cafes, seems to be a rising trend! Or need a coffee fix every day? Me - Not coffee but a cup of hot and rich chocolate drink. Hot chocolate  always more expensive than coffee so I have to refrain myself from buying in a cafe but making Milo at home..Is a comforting drink for me, as always.

4) Books
A cost free therapy. Stay at home and make yourself a cuppa of tea while reading peacefully.

Recently, I applied a book loan from Mamarazzi. Cost and  interest free, thanks Kathy!

5) Sleep -
Also cost free therapy.Getting a good sleep is a must. But not every day you get to sleep soundly.

Last but not least,self improvement. Yes, I am still learning, in fact learning is a lifetime process. So keep learning!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My latest obsession - Lego Minifigures

Yes, that's my latest collectibles after Hello Kitty! Why now when Lego has come along way over the past, almost 80 years. Even before my parents were born.

I started to grow fond of the minifigs after watching The Lego Movie. Yea, 'Everything is Awesome'! Indeed is so awesome watching a brick-blocked world which turned out to be incredibly fun and excitement ,thanks to the seamless CGI effects.

The minifigs each is designed with a simple facial expression - it can be fun, cheerful, grumpy and some is meant to plaster an evil face like Lord Business.

I still remember Lego was the first branded toy that my parents bought for my brother. At that young time, I wasn't keen playing with it. I wasn't patience enough to put those brick pieces together and my brother who was very good in it shoo me away from messing up the colorful bricks.

Minifigure is less tedious and simple to assemble. They are usually packaged as three separate parts relatively the head, torso and legs. If my little ones have no problem of putting these pieces together, so am I, right? Haha

Do you know minifigure is more expensive than any other Lego products? Yup, each of them has special designed mold which to produce different parts of the figs. Don't forget some of them carry special accessories (such as guns, swords or their pets) and these needed further decoration.

You will probably see more  minifigs in my photos because they simply represent me considering I don't always plaster my face in a pic.**chuckle*

And for that, I can foresee my pocket hole will get bigger.

The first day I brought him out for dim sum..

'Hope is the dream of a waking man.'- Aristotle

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Outdoors and nature is a place of wonder and discovery for children.

The kids discover a gigantic tortoise!

Mami, that's a HUGE turtle!”, exclaimed the girls.

It's actually a tortoise, not a turtle and we explained that to the kids. They were just so amazed by the size of the tortoise and the markings on it's shell. This is a petting zoo which allows kids to go in and interact with non-dangerous animals and the kids had a lot of fun discovering new things for the first time.

They've never seen a tortoise before – like most other city kids, the outdoors and nature is a place of wonder and discovery for them.

Will it bite me?” asked the little one tentatively, who wanted was scared to approach the giant tortoise. It was almost bigger than her! We checked with the park ranger and got the confirmation that it would not, as long as you don't go in front of it.

Thus, we gave the green light for the kids to gently pet it and they oooh-ed and aaahhh-ed in amazement as they touched the hard shell of the tortoise.

It was very enlightening to see the kids experience new things and get involved with the outdoors. It made them very happy and they were so enamoured with the hard shell of the tortoise that they immediately had a thousand questions:

How did the shell get so big?

How old is this giant tortoise?

What does it eat?

It just opened up an idea of a big, interesting world out there and they got really interested in the outdoors and nature.

It's always good to let your children go outside and experience new things too! The joy is very real and I found out that it's very universal too!

I came across this video and thought it was very cute! The reaction that the little girl had is very much the same as my two little girls, when discovering a new animal that they haven't seen before. It's the joy of experiencing new things and getting inspired by the outdoors. The video is called Little Bridgette discovers a real-life rabbit – watch it, it'll cheer up your day. :)

It makes me want to take my girls to experience more new things and that's what we've been doing every weekend. We drove down to Bukit Tinggi on Sunday to eat at a restaurant that has the appeal of having a mini park attached, with ponds for freshwater fish and a very wide river bordering the area. The kids had a lot of fun there and they kept asking why different fishes have different names and the reasoning behind the names.

They also got to see real life geese for the first time (who honked angrily and tried to chase them) and it's just an all around wonderful experience.

If you have kids, you'll find that it's very rewarding to also get them outdoors to experience new things! You'll find that kids have are very open to experiencing new things and they're always very curious about the world around them.

I also found a lot of interesting mom-related content on Friso Growing Up Together on Facebook! There's a lot of engaging content about topics which all moms experience and it's a community where there's a lot of sharing of the joy of raising kids as well as suggestions of fun things to do with kids too. It's a wonderful resource and a great place to discuss and share parenthood stories too! :)
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