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Friday, June 24, 2016

Dai Pai Dong or Cooked Food Center at Wan Chai, Hong Kong

During my working trip to Hong Kong, my kind colleague has brought me around to nice places to eat. (Yea..local really knows best). One day, she suggested us to 'dai pai dong' considering it has been part of Hong Kong experience to enjoy yummy and cheap Cantonese style food.

She told me most of the 'dai pai dong' nowadays has largely moved indoors and the one we went is actually located in a high rise building and I don't remember what is the name. I was surprised to find out so many hawker centers centralized in one of the floors. I reckoned there are more than 20 stalls.

Free drink and free flow of steamed rice when we dine at this particular hawker stall which my colleague frequent here.

She said each hawker center has its own unique dish called 'siu chow' which also means a mixture of everything. Just tell them 'siu chow' and they will come with their own version. This is the 'siu chow' presented to us. You can see a mixture of goodness such as deep fried anchovies, squids, chicken, cashew nuts, bell pepper, dried shrimps and some greens. I feel like munching a plate of hot snack with so many textures and flavors. You can just go on and on without the rice.

I ordered Pork Chop with Salted Egg Yolk.I had this almost entirely by myself because my two colleagues not into deep fried stuff. The outer layer is so crispy and coated evenly with the hot bubbly salted egg yolk. Love the whiff of the buttery salted egg yolk concoction which lift up the aroma.I have to go to the gym the next morning after walloping this heavenly porky dish.

Steamed Mui Choy Minced Meat. Very homey dish and they actually use a cleaver to mince the meat instead of grinder, which explained why the meat still retain a lot of texture when ate it.

Every dish is yummylicious and cheap.The bill came out to less than HKD200 for 3 people.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Random Updates on Monday

School holidays have ended two weeks ago and it's just nice for the kids to start a fresh school term and also new tuition center. It's easier now for me to pick up and drop off at their tuition center since it is nearer to my office. I just have to stay back a bit late while waiting for the tuition class to end.

One fine day...don't know why they thought of HASH BROWN. I don't normally have breakfast in McDonald's but this is the perfect place I can buy them in the morning..I noticed is not cheap, about RM3++. Hmmm....I complained to them we should have just top up another RM2 for a plate of noodles.

My youngest sis in law just gave birth and she is my colleague too. Short of manpower now, eventually I got very exhausted after back from work. Guess, I will no longer be visiting cafes for a cuppa of latte during weekend. Rest is all I need.

 **Pretend to sniff sniff the smell from pic also ok la....
Taro latte is something new to me. I love the aromatic scent of the taro which is quite pleasure to start off with.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

3 types of Hawker Food We ate in Penang

We did not specifially hunt for any local street food since this short trip was meant to eat durian. Technically, I have program my tummy for the King of Fruits only...Hehe. Nevertheless, we still have food but randomly pick what came along the way.

Char Kuay Teow (RM10) - You must be wondering why this plate of noodles cost a bomb. Big prawns and mantis prawn, answering to your curiosity. We can't even spot the mantis prawn but the staff did explain to us that the mantis prawn on that day was not big hence it has completely crushed and blended in with the noodles...Hahah...good justification. And only HB will pay for that 'premium' food.

Cendol - You need one on a hot day.

We drove to Seng Lee kopitiam for breakfast. The seats are quite limited so you might need to wait in order to savour this plate of bloody red mee goreng.

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng.

We ordered a Mee Goreng (Tambah Sotong ) and a Mee Rebus (Tambah Sotong). I love my mee goreng to be aromatic and lots of flavor but all I can taste is 'pedas' (spiciness)....I think the lime did a great job making the noodles more appetizing. I can see most of the people are eating this mee goreng but I could not find a single reason to love it. Well, every person taste bud is unique, right?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Disney Junior's Animate your Imagination

The small one is fond of drawing and painting. I noticed when she has free time, she will take out the art block and crayon and start creating her artwork. She likes to draw figures especially little girl and rainbow too. The other day I suggested her to create a princess theme. Well, she started to think about castle. Yea, she always think princess lives in a castle.

She said she could not draw a beautiful princess. I told her is fine. Just draw based on your own imagination.

She told me there is a lovely lollipop garden manned by a bee princess inside the castle. Princess Lolli loves lollipop and she will collect the nectar from lollipop flowers to make honey. Bees and butterflies will help to pollinate more lollipop flowers. least I know what she is imagining while she is painting this. Haha

Does your little one have a big imagination with a tale to tell?

Do they love to create stories featuring pirates on high seas, spacemen who have aliens as best friends, or even brave princesses just like Sofia the First?

If they do, Disney Junior want to hear them!

Disney Junior will select three creative and magical story submissions and bring them to life, and show them on Disney Junior!

Tell us your child’s imaginative story using one of the following three themes:
Pirates, Princesses or Space Adventure.

To help us imagine it, you may even share their drawing or a video of them telling the story.
Tune in to Disney Junior to see if your child’s imaginative story has been selected!

Submit your child’s imaginative story at DisneyJunior.Asia/AnimateYourImagination from now till the 12th of June using the theme of Pirates, Princesses or Space Adventure!
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