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Monday, July 27, 2015

Cheers Monday with Pandora Essence Collection

So... I sent this to HB and asked if this is true..

He didn't reply me instead he called me back. I can't remember his exact reply nor I want to see his facial expression since we were over the phone, but all I know he was laughing out loud.

I secretly think is true.Hahah.

As for me, I don't mind getting hold on the hand. At least I need not dig my wallet.**Oh no...he sure faint reading this**

This is my Pandora Essence Collection.

Each charm express the inner self and most important is the promises which have been made throughout the journey. Thank you.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Raya Holiday - Antipodean MV, Starbucks and an Unexpected Surprise

How is everyone's Raya holiday? Mine are always resting at home and eat well over the holidays. Both my kiddos were not around as they have gone back to their hometown with their dad to spend their school holidays. So, took the opportunity to recharge before the school starts thus HB gotten us a staycation in KL.

We have to pack our day with loads of activities which we don't get to do it often - we stuffed our tummy from morning till night with good food, catch a movie, window shopping since I have nothing to buy (gentle for HB's pocket..hahahah)

One thing I love to do the moment getting up from the bed is devouring a good breakfast. We made a stop at Antipodean, Mid Valley for a morning fix and quick breakfast.

It's either coffee or tea for him. That morning he wanted a strong dose of caffeine, thus he gotten himself a cuppa pressed coffee.

So, I waited for the waiter to bring us the menu.

Me : Why no menu?
Him : Ermmm...did you wear your glasses?
Me : Of course la...can you see me with my glasses?
Him : Ok, then turn around and choose your food
Me : Thank goodness I can see!

Yup, the list of food is written on the giant menu board.

That morning was particular busy at the cafe but service was up to par and we gotten our food pretty fast too. Nothing great to shout about the food but was decent enough to comfort the hungry tummy. I ordered the Big Breakfast which came with scrambled eggs, homemade hash brown, a piece of toast, bacon and sauteed mushrooms.

HB chosen Eggs Marlborough with Salmon. Let's see if they served a perfect poached egg

Oh yea...they sure did. His dish came with lots of greens. I happily shifted all the greens over to my plate.haha

I did not order myself a drink because I was eager to walk over to Starbucks. Earlier HB has tempted me with this drink when he was at Starbucks for a business meeting. It is the Green Tea Pannacotta. More like a slurping dessert on the go. Very delicious! *die die also want to try* That's how we spent our weekend holidays.

I missed the kiddos very much and they came back yesterday. Even gotten me a surprise.

Indeed a surprise!Yup, the dad bought them 5 baby quail chicks back home.I told the kiddos before no pet policy at home. The dad knows I would not keep them so he got to take care of the baby chicks for sure. I thought that is also a good idea to train the kids to learn how to take care of their pets. They should know their responsibility when they have decided to keep a pet.

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Beer Factory @ Sunway Giza Kota Damansara - Brunch, Bar, Dessert

We have been here twice in a row this month because their in house menu is captivating that we want to come back for more. I came here before many years ago when they were centralized in alcoholic drinks and limited choices of food.

This year when i revisited TBF, they have a complete make over for their food and drinks menu. Now, they even serve breakfast and brunch and delicious desserts too!

We dropped by one fine Sunday noon and decided to check them out. I was delighted to see brunch assortment listed in their menu. I thought I want to stick to something simple but with more varieties on the plate so I went for Big Breakfast (RM28).

It came with 2 poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms, hashed brown, sausages (lamb), turkey ham, toasted bread and roasted tomatoes. Everything was pretty decent. LIKE

A morning fix with a cuppa Deconstructed Mocha Macchiato (RM15). A shot of espresso, hot milk and 2 chocolate sticks.

Hands on to construct the drinks.

Yummm...look at the melted chocolate stick. Delicious!

I lighted up my day with a glass of cold pressed fruit juice. Mixture of carrot and refreshing.

If you want to offer my man to try your food, make sure your menu has crustaceans to offer.Haha - The Sebastian's Lobster Sandwich (RM45) is sold!

The lobster is actually a big fresh water prawn which is poached to perfection marinated in an ebiko and scallion flavoured aioli. The fresh and juicy meat is sandwiched in a sour dough bread and served with cheesy nachos. One more lobster please! LIKE

Our meal always ended with desserts. Browsing through their list of desserts make me a happy kiddo.I almost couldn't make up my mind but to try all. Thank goodness, they have great promo during the weekend where you get to 'buy one free one dessert.' HB gotten himself the 'Revenge of The Ballerina'- (RM28)

The beautiful and sweet dessert is a meringue shell stuffed with lemon curd served with berries on a bed of nuts. The lightly toasted nuts helps in term of texture considering the meringue and lemon curd has limited mouth feel. I am not a huge fan of meringue and lemon curd but I feel ecstatic to see a beautiful edible art.hahah

'Snow White and The 6 Dwarfs' - RM25..Yup, it's only 6 which were represented by the berries. A light and fluffy fresh pressed waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, fresh berries, caramel and chocolate sauce. Finished off with white snow (powdered sugar) over the waffle.

This 'fairytale' dessert almost send me to a state of dessert coma after chomped down the entire waffle. Luckily,the prince was there to give a kiss on the cheek..heh

Monday, July 6, 2015

Good Morning Monday! Chocolate, Tea or Coffee?

Perk up your Monday with a cuppa of hot chocolate...or coffee...or tea? Mine has to be a the former one just like this beautiful cup of chocolate drink to chase away the Monday blue.

How about you? Have you had your daily dose of caffeine? How much do you like your coffee to be served in such a beautiful form of art? Honestly, I always prefer the old school 'kopi peng' served in the Chinese kopitam. And is much cheaper too...heheh

Monday has to be my usual DIY healthy breakfast after getting a good rest over the weekend.

DIY Sandwich :
Sourdough rye goes with baked ham, cucumber slices, grilled cheddar cheese and a dollop of mayo. Happy Monday, folks!
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