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Monday, October 27, 2014

Random Picks from Weekend

Is ok to fall sick once in a while -  To level up immunity system each time new virus comes in. Well, to counter attack the flu bug, I drowned myself with chocolate drink, green tea and gallons of water on my working desk for the past 3 days. Mami always says, sick no chocolate! No..No..Lots of chocolate!

Even HB sent me a cup of delicious hot chocolate all the way from KL.

Yes..I know I can fight back the flu bug!

The kids wanted to go for movie. So, the dad brought us to cinema to watch 'Book of Life'. I was half asleep in the cinema, not because the movie is bad but I was in bad condition due to the 'fight'.*battery low*

The next day, HB and I headed down to Mid Valley to see George Calombaris. Happy to see him in real life.

But even happier to add this to my latest collection. Thanks to my better half. Yea, it's the Pandora Essence. He bought me a new wristlet as this collection only can fit the customized essence charms unlike the basic type. Each charm is unique and meaningful which express the essence of you. Guess which first charm HB gotten for me?

** In case you don't know, the battle with the flu bug still on-going* Making a more aggressive retaliation this time. Antibiotic! Haha. Happy Monday, guys!

Guides to choose the Perfect Bedsheets

Do you know we spend about one-third of our lives asleep? And I believe to get a good quality sleep is having a comfortable and supportive bed. I remember when HB moved to his new place, I insisted him to invest in a quality bed. I told him about my bad experience of not getting a proper bed which causes unrestful sleep. Therefore, the next day I feel lethargic, backache and no motivation due to the low quality sleep despite I remember I went to bed early.

Quality mattress is important but choosing comfortable bedding is equally vital because the sheets come in direct contact with our skin. So, how do you choose your bed sheets? To provide you some good guidance, head over to Lazada Malaysia as they have included home and living buying guide especially if you are hopping for bed linen.

I reckon one house has several sizes of mattress from single to king size. First, determining the size of your mattress t to ensure the compatibility of the bed and the bed linen. You may refer to the chart to match the size of your bed with the sheet for a perfect fit.

Material matters to me because good quality and comfortable sheets can easily send me to a good night sleep. I still prefer cotton for its durability, comfort and breathability. After choosing the desired material, you may want to look in to the thread count. The general rule is that the higher the thread count, the more superior the quality of your bed linen. But, bear in mind! Buying the highest threat count is not always the case of you have purchased the bed sheet. So choose wisely.

Once you have selected the material for your bed linen, do not omit the washing care part. Different material calls for different washing method and things you should avoid so that you would not damage the fabric but protecting it. This helps to maintain your bed linen to last longer if you know the proper care to it.

Now you have read up the important points, I am sure you have no problem of choosing the right and comfortable bed linen that fits you and your bed best under the Home and Living Shopping category. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meet MasterChef Australia Judge, George Calombaris, Live in Kuala Lumpur!

*Latest Update! Venue change.

Are you a fan of MasteChef Australia?**us waving hands**

Thanks to Lifetime Asia - For the first time they are bringing judge and celebrity chef, George Calombaris to meet his fans in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the new season of MasterChef Australia Season 6. * MasterChef Australia S6 airs weeknights at 7pm and 11pm, on Lifetime (Astro Ch 709)*

During his tour, he will take part in ‘The Great George Taste-Off’ – to try the top three Malaysian dishes as voted by fans on the Lifetime Asia website – besides showcasing his signature dish with a unique Asian twist! *woots**

We are super excited for this golden opportunity to meet George and can’t wait to see which three local dishes he will taste. What say you?

I guess the first cuisine is none other than our famous national dish – Nasi Lemak . I personally enjoy having a packet of nasi lemak for breakfast, served with crispy anchovies, peanuts hard-boiled egg and topped with delicious sambal to complete the dish. There is no uumph without the sambal just like asam laksa without the asam (tamarind).

Talking about Asam Laksa – a popular spicy noodle soup, which CNN Travel ranked Penang Assam Laksa 7th out of the 50 most delicious food in the world. I foresee there is no reason why he should skip this local delicacy. Problem! After following so many Masterchef Australia seasons, you should know his palate has moderate toleration for hot food. Gee…I bet this gonna be a tough challenge for him.Yet we are excited to find out if his toleration for spicy food has actually level up.

As mentioned earlier, he will showcase his signature dish with a unique Asian twist! Home cooks and fans, don’t miss out this chance to watch him cook up a storm and enjoy a special treat as he shares his favorite recipes on this day. See you there!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Of Weekday and Weekend

If you are constantly living in a big rat race, how bad are you yearning for the weekend? Although, I do enjoy weekend holiday but  I also love going to work as much.(That's an understatement..haha)  You know why? To me : Working day = Cost saving day!

The expenses I need to fork out over the 5 working days are food and petrol, albeit I only need to refuel once a week. Yup, that's how fuel-efficient my car is. (Also because I don't need to travel like 10km to work) For my breakfast and lunch, usually I will not spend more than RM10/day.

*Yup,you can still have a bowl of dessert everyday, provided you had a nasi lemak priced at RM1.50 earlier.*

My weekday saving actually contra with the expenses that I will  use over the weekend..Sometimes, I tend to overspend especially going out with the kids. I cannot apply 'no toy policy' all the time. Mom can shop but kids cannot, doesn't sound fair to them, right? Hehe

Nevertheless,  I still longing for the weekend (told you earlier is understatement) as it is the best time to beat stress and also doing something I enjoy.

Things to do to occupy the free time. It can be cost free or expensive. How about you?

1) Shopping - 'You're right,shopping won't fix the problem. But it will put me in a better mood for when I actually have to deal with it.'

Some loots from Typo. I got myself a mason jar, glass milk bottle and colorful paper straws which I have been looking all around. Glad I found it.

Is an expensive retail therapy..Haha. Guess which item is the most expensive one? Hmmm..No prize for the correct answer.

2) Food - 'Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.'- Hippocrates

Drive out  to look for food during the weekend, agree?

3) Cafe Hopping -
I know some friends who love checking out themed cafes, seems to be a rising trend! Or need a coffee fix every day? Me - Not coffee but a cup of hot and rich chocolate drink. Hot chocolate  always more expensive than coffee so I have to refrain myself from buying in a cafe but making Milo at home..Is a comforting drink for me, as always.

4) Books
A cost free therapy. Stay at home and make yourself a cuppa of tea while reading peacefully.

Recently, I applied a book loan from Mamarazzi. Cost and  interest free, thanks Kathy!

5) Sleep -
Also cost free therapy.Getting a good sleep is a must. But not every day you get to sleep soundly.

Last but not least,self improvement. Yes, I am still learning, in fact learning is a lifetime process. So keep learning!
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