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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wild West outfit for my little one at the GUESS Kids FALL 2014 Collection

I got a Wild West outfit for my little one at the GUESS Kids FALL 2014 Collection and Campaign!

Giddy up, y'all! The GUESS Kids FALL 2014 collection is out and it showcases the season's must-haves for boys and girls looking for a stand out wardrobe for the new school year. The Fall collection has a cowboy and cowgirl theme and I thought the little one would look nice all dressed up in denims.

Thanks to my better half who drove us down to Suria KLCC nice and early last weekend to pick up a few things from the new season lineup. There were also heaps of Western themed cowboy candy and snacks on offer – that was a very nice touch and keeping in theme with the promotion.

Noms for the kids! There are Cowboy Chips in a period bag, boy/girl blue & pink lollipops and plenty of other candy. The little one had a few Gummy Bears at the event and also ate a whole bag of crisps all by herself!

Now it's time to choose the outfit for the little one!

GUESS Kids is all about innovation and texture for denim this Fall 2014 season. Rachel Lim (GUESS Kids Senior Divisional Manager) shared with everyone on the many variations of the new collection on what sets GUESS Kids Denim Jeans apart from the other brands.

Denim is the highlight for the girls with skirts, jeans, jackets and chambray tops. Texture is key, demin is foiled whether it be black or a rich jewel tone for the holiday, cloud wash with appliqués, studded and sequinned denims are available for the GUESS girl who likes a little extra shine.

There are jeans adorned with lace and screen prints, as well as a touch of acid wash.

Lightweight cardigans layered over ruffled floral print dresses add a sweet and youthful touch. My better half is trying to get the little one to choose what the kind of dress that she likes. :)

For the boys, plaid button-down flannel and distressed denim jeans gives off an effortlessly cool vibe to the collection while graphic sweatshirts and tees paired with dark wash denim adds to the relaxed feel.

There's also classic navy blazers, denim jackets and warn jackets for layering in the crisp Fall weather. Of course, we don't get the weather here but it's still nice to be able to wear something like this in air-conditioned comfort while shopping at the malls.

Coloured denim also makes an appearance to amp up the colour palette in saturated hues, while patches and a foiled camouflage print adds depth to the Fall 2014 collection.

The GUESS boy also goes a bit darker this fall with their darkest rinses and coats to make this denim anything but ordinary – the ultra-destroy black wash for the rocker-to-be and the blue-black Scraper

Wash denim introduces a new wash for this season! I think my better half was thinking “Hmm...would this fit me or not?”. Haha.

Interesting fact: The GUESS Kids store is laid out so that the denim jeans are at eye-level for kids! That means that even the shortest kids can see the designs and choose something that they like for themselves!

Mami : Better go to the dressing room to see how it goes.

I chose a pair of Power Skinny jeans the little one for RM 219. It's a low rise ultra skinny leg cut which suits her perfectly. She is so small that at first we thought to get a 4 for her but in the end decided to go for a size suitable for her age – 5, after hearing the Rachel talk about how kids grow up fast and you can always fold up the bottom of the jeans for her shorter legs.

I also picked a nice pink floral top to go with the denim jeans for RM 129. It's the one that she likes best after trying out in the dressing room

GUESS Kids was kind enough to give us RM 300 in vouchers and HB offered to pay the balance of RM 48 after the total of RM 348 was deducted.

I think it fits her well too and when we got home I took some more photos of her dressed up with accessories of her choice and pinky sunglasses.

*Proud of the new outfit from GUESS Kids Fall 2014 collection*

The GUESS Kids FALL 2014 Collection is available now at all GUESS Kids Stores nationwide. There are discounts of up to 30% and a RM 100 rebate if you meet the terms and conditions with additional 10% off for GUESS List members.

Props for you to take photos with at the Tiny Wild West Photo Set – there are ukulele, cowboy hats, signs, cactus (cardboard ones, don't worry, it won't prick you) and bandanna and more. The ukulele is real and you can even play tunes on it – there's the travelling case too.

The Tiny Wild West Photo Set will be made available at GUESS Kids, 1 Utama this weekend on September 20 & 21 (Saturday and Sunday) from 12 – 6 pm. Customers with any purchase will receive a free photo with a cowboy inspired photo frame and a mystery gift!

Monday, September 15, 2014

What we normally do on weekend?

School holidays begin! The kids are happy to be on holidays but Primary 6 students and their parents might not be feeling the joy and relaxation considering the children have to re-sit the exam papers due to the leak of UPSR Science and English exam papers. At the positive side, students can take the opportunity to take a short break while doing their revision. Best of luck!

How do you spend your weekend and what you normally do? When comes to weekend, the first thing my better half ask me is what I want to do or eat? Yes, he thinks I eat too little during working days and when I m off, he will never leave an empty space in my stomach until i had a food coma.

Enjoying a bowl of scrumptious ramen. Our first visit to Yamagoya Ramen, Publika.

Mine - Roasted Char Siu Ramen.

Checking out new eateries. The recent sandwich shop at Kota Damansara - Flaming Melt. If you love grilled cheese, you might want to make a trip here. They even have sweet version sandwich catering for sweet tooth.

Smores Melt Sandwich! Melted marshmallow sandwiched in blueberry filling, dusted with icing sugar. So sinful, isn't it?

Our drink : Oreo Milkshake

There is time to do some shopping for the kids and myself.

Cooking at home. To me is a simple home cook meal but glad to know is something he enjoys eating the most.

Hainanese Chicken Rice using my Happy Call Pan to cook.

Last but not least, M&M ice cream to chase away your Monday blues..hehe

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2014

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! This year mooncake festival falls on 8th Sept 2014, which is the 15th day of the lunar month. To be exact is tomorrow! This is another important Chinese festive season where family, loved ones and friends gather as a symbol of harmony and unity. Kids happily play with lanterns while the adults will enjoy the moon cake pairing with a cup of aromatic tea under the light of the full moon.

It has been a tradition to present mooncake during this festive season, and according to Chinese culture, the round shape signifies completeness and unity. No wonder I hardly see any funny shapes..hahah. Somehow, over the years, mooncake certainly has gone through a depth evolution that incorporates modern flavours and unusual ingredients to suit the modern lifestyles, changing to taste and preference from the market demands.

HB told me China is using expensive ingredients such as abalone to create a luxury mooncake while I read about black truffle being fit in the pastry. I wonder if it’s just the infused truffle oil….Ermm I have no clue unless anyone can enlighten me

I have been sampling lots of mooncakes this year but not any bizarre ingredient or unacceptable flavor. Thanks to my better half who has nonstop buying mooncake for me and my family each time he sees something special. In fact, he never stop buying food for me as he afraid me under malnutrition.*slapped forehead*

Before he flew back to Sibu, he gotten us this Taiwan mooncake from Donutes Coffee & Bakery which a traditional bakery brand based in KaoHsiung, Taiwan. The first franchise has landed in Puchong and I reckon the second one is in Kota Damansara and HB has been an avid fan ever since he discovered this place which is operating 24/7.

They have two different fillings, respectively with custard and mung bean. Both also have a rich and creamy milky taste especially the thin and flaky crust which resembles Taiwanese style pastries but still does a wonder to our palate.

*Starbucks mooncake - Chocolate Banana

When we went out for a dinner in a mall, he spotted Starbucks was promoting their in-house moon cake and immediately he made a detour to the café to check out what they have in the store. He had gotten another box of four mini moon cake for RM48.We yet to open the other two - Apricot Hazel Nut Latte and Chewy Nutty Cranberry.

*Green Tea Azuki

When he flew in to KL, he gotten me these egg yolk pies, which is a very delicate and petit mooncake. They were presented in beautiful gift box of 8 and each is individually packed in 2. Simply can’t wait to dive into these scrumptious mooncakes.

As we have expected a perfect golden egg yolk set in the middle coupled with creamy lotus paste, the moment you cut through it. Yup, after all the egg yolk was the lime light.We agreed that the flaky pastry skin topped with some black sesame was good too as it blended well with the milky taste. So far, this is the mooncake we enjoyed eating the most.

Arthur also sent some Korean buns and kek lapis for us the day my better half flew out from Sibu. We just had the Korean buns and it was good. I like the soft and slightly chewy texture which makes a great snack for tea time. We yet to taste kek lapis thought and certainly looking forward to eat it.Thanks Arthur!

HB and I both love durian. This year I also decided to get the durian moon cake for him. Bakers Cottage is having 40% off for all moon cake so I gotten the most expensive musang king mooncake which is based on the Disney theme

I just couldn’t resist to get the durian coulis from Tai  Thong again which we had last year. The durian pulp in the moon cake is simply irresistible.

So, how many type of moon cake you manage to sample this year?

Weekend is rather well spent. I had the kids to wash my car which I think is something fun for them to do instead of gluing to the tv.You know the kids would not say NO when you tell them about bubbles and water. I am glad they have lots of fun and laughter and I truly enjoy this quality time with them. Later at night, we will head out for a nice dinner. Perhaps, some shopping time with the loved one…ermmm making sure we will not going to bypass any moon cake stall.haha

Wishing everyone to have a wonderful moon cake festive celebration. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Disney Channel : "The 7D" special screening at Mad About Coco, Publika

Heigh-ho!.Good news from Disney Channel.A brand new funny animated television series which will take you and your family to the world of Jollywood, featuring the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White, with characters redesigned by the Noah Z.Jones ("Fish Hooks")- Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy and Doc.

"The 7D" who serve as their kingdom's peacekeepers, defend the fairytale land from two laughably evil villains Grim and Hildy Gloom. Both the Glooms who attempt with much comedic mayhem scenes along the way wish to take over the kingdom by stealing the magical jewels in the 7D's mine. Of course the little brave heroes would not allow this to happen, so check out how they protect their mine and kingdom from the evil tricks.

Stay tune to Disney Channel to embark the fun, energetic and adventurous journey with The 7D.

The 7D will premiere on Sunday,September 7 at 11am on Disney Channel (Astro Channel 615).

Being the very first few Malaysians, we were lucky to be invited by the Disney folks to the special screening of "The 7D".

At Mad About Coco, Publika

There were some fun activities for the kids while waiting for the screening to start.


Memory Game

While us the adults indulged a cup of delicious hot chocolate - Tell you what I had at least 3 cups! So yummy.

And the screening begins!
Look at the children, I bet they were amused by the cute, funny and weird characters featured in the 7D which actually brings lots of fun and laughter to the kids.The whole new approach of 7D are completely different from the Snow White, pretty much been turned upside down, hence presenting more comedic adventure. Well, that's the fun of watching cartoon, right?

After the screening, we had some light refreshment.OOhmm...the crispy churros half coated with chocolate was to die for..haha.Surrounded by big and juicy strawberries and marshmallows which were coated with dark chocolate too.. Wishing to have more of these..heheeh

Mini waffles were so pretty..The combination of chocolate sauce with the acidity from the strawberry and pineapple made a delicious dessert.

Healthy sandwiches which filled up my stomach before heading back home.That's how we spent out weekend.

Wishing you guys will have a fabulous one too on this coming weekend. And don't forget to catch up with The 7D, yea!

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