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Monday, July 6, 2015

Good Morning Monday! Chocolate, Tea or Coffee?

Perk up your Monday with a cuppa of hot chocolate...or coffee...or tea? Mine has to be a the former one just like this beautiful cup of chocolate drink to chase away the Monday blue.

How about you? Have you had your daily dose of caffeine? How much do you like your coffee to be served in such a beautiful form of art? Honestly, I always prefer the old school 'kopi peng' served in the Chinese kopitam. And is much cheaper too...heheh

Monday has to be my usual DIY healthy breakfast after getting a good rest over the weekend.

DIY Sandwich :
Sourdough rye goes with baked ham, cucumber slices, grilled cheddar cheese and a dollop of mayo. Happy Monday, folks!

Friday, July 3, 2015

DIY - Homemade Durian Ice Popsicle with Two Ingredients

Durian season is back! Being a durian lover, is a must to grab some home. The other day, I came across a durian stall by the road side on the way home. I pull over my car to 'kaypoh' what kind of durians they have. They do not have 'musang king' but thank goodness I just had one which was so awesome gotten by HB last night.

After 'kapoying' and surveying around, I decided to settle for a packet of D101 for RM15. Very creamy and sweet with slightly bitter taste which I devoured it. I shared with the small one for the big one will never go near to this so called 'stinky fruit'.

I didn't want to keep the remaining seeds, so I decided to make durian ice popsicle after got bitten by the ice popsicle bug.

As you know I always like to keep simple recipe thus having two ingredients (MILK + DURIAN) to transform into a cooling and delicious dessert is just right for me.

Lightly mashed the durian pulps and boiled in the milk. (you can add some sugar if desire) Let the mixture cool down and transfer to the desired ice popsicle mould.

I didn't blend the mixture since I want some texture in my durian ice popsicle. This is just perfect to combat the heatwave.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ergghhhh.....Everything Looks So Green!

Incorporating greens into my daily diet always sounds healthy and promising. One day, I tried making cauliflower rice since I got the food processor from HB.I thought cauliflower rice looks a bit pale so I decided to add in broccoli.At the end, I came out with Chinese style fried cauliflower and broccoli rice. I also added 'lap cheong' (waxed meat) and egg as my source of protein. It turned out to be quite delicious.

Give one LIKE to the first green.

The following week, I still have a bunch of broccoli sitting in the fridge. My 'genius brain' thought...Hey,let's make broccoli rice. So I dumped the broccoli into the food processor. Then I steamed the green grains for about 3 mins and served together with deep fried pork and a fried egg.

Urrgghhh....After the first spoon, I can  barely swallow the second one. The 'green' taste in this vegetable was so intense which almost turn me into the 'Incredible Hulk'.**despite Hulk only mutate when he got very angry** I can't possibly waste them so I added some marmite to tone down the bitterness. Self more broccoli rice.**shivers**

*Thumb down for second green* Don't get me wrong I love broccoli just not this version.heheh

Green dessert is always inviting! Never goes wrong with my favorite soft serve matcha ice cream. I would say anytime...anywhere.

**Third green....both hands up. A big YES!!

So, how much do you love green?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weekend Brunch at Frisky Goat, TTDI

"Dear…Choose where do you want to have brunch…"
- A 'Frisky Goat' Brunch
- Beer at a Factory – The Beer Factory to be exact
- Iberico – solely for Pork lover

These were the choices offered by HB. The latter was my first choice though, but after giving a deep thought we settled for a ‘frisky’ brunch... And we were here last weekend at Frisky Goat, TTDI.

Our drinks…

I had Pink Grapefruit…I was curious to know how the drink will turn out to be considering this fruit is very sour.Gosh….it was bitter but I keep convincing myself this is a healthy drink.No added sugar..Just GULP down!

Quickly took a sip of HB’s drink which is a strawberry lemon tea in order to sweeten the tongue. It certainly spread the sweetness all over my palate because it is way toooooo sweet.!

Thank goodness the affogato did not upset us…

In fact the vanilla bean ice cream saved my taste bud.hehhe

Frisky Goat is a combination of bakery cum cafe which offers delicious pastries, all day breakfast and brunch.

It certainly sounds very promising thus I gotten myself the ‘Egg Royale Salmon’.

The fluffy and buttery Belgian waffle can’t possibly go wrong with a poached egg and hidden wilted spinach at the bottom, partnered with seared salmon, sautéed mushroom and toast. The portion is just right for me although I don’t mind to have another piece of waffle..heheh because a must to eat their waffle. I like every single element in this dish.

HB went for Chicken Ballotine – a deboned chicken leg stuffed with cheese, spinach and mushroom served on top of mashed potato sided with sautéed vegetables. The succulent chicken is perfectly done pairing so well with the creamy mashed potato.Nom..nom..nom

The little thing that makes me happy when the man brings me out is getting to choose the dessert that I like.Yeah...dessert in a jar always intrigue me!

The Banoffee –a deconstructed banoffee pie - filling the glass jar with layer of goodness respectively the cream, mashed bananas, toffee and crumbled biscuits. The only set back is the dulce de leche, which turned out to be quite hard but overall it was a delicious dessert.

I thought one dessert is good enough but I need to fatten up so HB gotten me an espresso crème brulee.

Look at the layer of crispy, burnt sugar…can’t wait to crack the top layer and dive into the soft and sumptuous custard flavored with coffee.

If you drop by the weekend, expect a large crowd which put you on the waiting list but the turnover is fast.
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