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Monday, May 16, 2016

In Hong Kong Now. Eating Tonkatsu Ramen at Ichiran, Wan Chai

I am at Hong Kong. Not for leisure but work. Yes, I have been send to the HQ for a company training for the whole week. These are my essentials which my boss has prepared for me.

I flew in to Hong Kong via Cathay Pacific. The in flight meal was pretty decent.

Got an entire room by myself for the whole week.

The hotel also provided me with a free mobile phone which allows you to use the wifi and international calls for free. Technically it also works like a portable wifi. His name is Mr. Handy. Haha

I arrived HK quite late and had dinner with bosses at Ichiran. They are famous for their classic tonkatsu ramen.

They only serve one type of broth but you can customize your flavour.

I didn't know the queue was that long..Not as long as this..

But long enough which took us about 40 minutes. We were ushered to three different sections of waiting area,

From outside, to inside and a seating corner. Seating area is where you are closed to be called to the dining place.

Yup, inside is where you eat your ramen.

Customize your ramen.

This is the individual cubicle seating . Press the bell (the small little square box on the right) to place the order.

I wasn't familiar with the customization and I totally ignored the red sauce which is their signature sauce. Huhhhuuu...never mind. I love my ramen..medium firm is what I selected, The char siu is not very thick but it's very tender and flavorful. The flavour of my broth is medium rich with little oil. The onsen egg is an additional add ons. At first I was confused by the words because it stated as boiled salted egg.

Itadakimasu! Slurp as loud as you want without ignoring your neighbour.

I heard Ichiran originated from Fukuoka and the queue there is insane. Would you queue for a bowl of ramen?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day,

To all lovely moms out there. You deserve a beautiful flower!

We didn't intend to go anywhere on Saturday night since it was raining heavily and the elder one has gone back to her dad's home and the small one decided to stay. At the end, we went for a quick dinner. Guess what we had? Yea, assam laksa.

Actually, I never like to eat assam laksa but when I was pregnant, my palate changed. This is one of the food I was craving for during my first pregnancy. Eventually, I grow fond eating it. Now, I also have a mini 'kaki' to eat with me and the good thing about Ah Cheng Laksa at Evolve Concept Mall is they offer a junior size.

After eating, we walked around the mall since the rain was still pouring. This fella insisted to get the grey winter hat which I strongly disagreed. I put on the kitty hairband and she was whining so badly..Hahah

I bribed her by telling her I will get her an ice cream instead of the hat. We continued walking and came across this new food establishment. Just nice to get one as dessert.

They have 15% for all purchase in conjunction with their new opening. Didn't quite impress me though, nevertheless still enjoy plucking one by one of the egg shaped waffle and pop into the mouth.

Potion Factory also seems to be a new stall in the mall. We got one bottle of Perfect Radiance for RM10.

Someone has been running towards this stall and I SCREAM!  

Where are you going? 
Ma, ice cream!

Yummy ice cream and I thought I can do this too. 'Monkey see Monkey do!'

Sunday night, I picked up the elder one and headed to my parents house for dinner. Since my brother is buying the dinner, I got a cake for my mom. Being indecisive after looking at many delectable cakes so I asked my sis in law to decide.

Black Forest cake from Cake Sense to bring home.

My little pressie. Thank you.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


These are the morning add ons! Yes, after a long discussion (in fact since last year) we decided to stop paying for the school catering food and that means they have to buy their own food during the break time or the other option is bring from home. Well, obviously they would choose the latter one.

I don't need to wake up extra early to prepare the food since I still have ample of time to do the cooking after my dad comes to fetch them. I will drop off the lunch bags at the designated area where parents can put the children's food so they can pick up during their break time. (of course I have to put a tag with their names as big and visible as possible) It is easy for me since I will pass by the school every day. Yea, it is the same way heading to my office.

1. Fried noodles with eggs

2. Hashbrown (their favorites and don't mind eating it every day).

3. Fried rice. I cook more rice and the left over can be used for the next morning. This is the easiest and fastest recipe. Just need to add some meat and eggs. No fancy or artistic bento box though since I never good in it.

Yeah, you will not find any greens inside their lunch box. That shows how afraid of them to see vegetables. Nevertheless, the only way I can incorporate the nutrients from vegetables is by cooking soup.

I do keep a portion for myself too especially when there is lot of left over from the night before. Just heat up and pluck some greens from my garden. Very obvious, this lunch box is mine.

I think kids nowadays are so fortunate ehh..unlike our 'zaman', if I tell my mom I want to bring food to school, she will ask my dad to buy a loaf of bread with a can of kaya. Yup, kaya sapu roti! That's my 'zaman' lunch box.Haha

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Double Fromage Cheesecake at LeTao Pathos Cafe, Otaru

I have read much hype about the double fromage cheesecake by leTAO and not hesitate to add into 'must eat' list during our trip to Hokkaido. When we stepped down in the New Chitose airport, I can spot leTAO at every single corner, retailing and offering sample of their signature cheesecake.**sweat* We did try it though.

Did not buy it immediately. In fact, I waited patiently for our day trip to Otaru. Oh well.... I want to 'makan' at their specialty cafe.

That how it is packaged if you wish to purchase their double fromage cheesecake back to your homeland. It is meticulously stored in a wooden box.

Cheesecake! And more cheesecake.

To be honest, I am more keen to proceed up to the second floor (the cafe) and make my order.

Greeted by a tall croquembouche!

After going through the menu, we have decided on their famous trio signatures. It also comes with a drink, choice of tea/coffee or a glass of juice.

Double Plate with a Drink - ¥1,404

Double Fromage which is the masterpiece of leTAO. Italian mascarpone cheese,camembert produced in Hokkaido and cream cheese are the finest and key ingredients use to craft this sumptuous dessert. The upper layer is formed by creamy smooth no-bake cheesecake, and the bottom layer is rich, tasty baked cheesecake which instantly melt in your mouth.

Chocolat Double - I thought this one stood out the most. The bitterness from the fine cocoa and chocolate crumbs used to blend with the rich and milky cream cheese delivers a fine concoction of sweetness for the palate. I devour it!

Venezia Rendezvous - Mascarpone crème brulee which is another simple yet elegant dessert that one should pick up. The crust is light, delicate and crispy. It makes the rich cream stood out. When I mentioned rich, it means the cream that leTAO used contains 42% milk fat made in Hokkaido. Now you know why Hokkaido is one of the best places to enjoy their dairy produce..

I always trusted the photos displayed or printed in the menu when we were in Japan. You get what you see! No misleading ad unless it is specified! This is the exact same millefeuille I saw in their menu earlier.Another reason to love Japan..ahaha

Strawberry Millefeuille with a drink -  ¥1,816

You have to capture the ecstatic moment when such a beautiful dessert appeared in front of you.

Taste wise? Ahhahah...not so ecstatic though. The vanilla custard not as smooth and light as expected. The puff pastry was slightly over done. It was a tad heavy but the flakiness is there. Nevertheless, the fresh and vibrant fruits make it happened. I guess I have set the bar high after I had the best millefeuille in a two michelin stars restaurant in France.

Thank you for spoiling me with the eye candy and delicious desserts. I thought my dessert selection cost a bomb!

le chocolat, the chocolate specialty store.

leTAO main store is located at The Amiable Tower of Otaru. It is situated at the end of the Sakaimachi street. I should have come here instead, nevertheless, I think is more a less the same.
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