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Friday, February 5, 2016

Pre Chinese New Year : Things I Eat and Delicious CNY Snack at home

How's everyone Chinese New Year preparation? Well, I managed to do early CNY shopping before I got sick. Thank goodness I am back to square and quickly get the spring clean done the moment I am able to get up from the bed.

This year I didn't bake anything but opted to purchase from the shops.A friend of mine was kind enough to give me a home made nian gao which is the only thing I will use to make something during CNY. kekeke

Throwback :
 We had an early Chinese New Year dinner at Unique Seafood Restaurant.

My first Yee Sang!

Toss..Toss for a better year and may everyone wish comes true.

It seems like we can't miss the Poon Choi during Chinese New Year. HB said he can't get this in Sibu, so he wanted to eat this before going back.

Since I was under the weather for the past few days, HB stocked up some Japanese noodles for me so that I don't need to cook.

Assorted flavors but my preference goes to the blue one.

The main selling point of this noodles is the mayonnaise. Can't believe the noodles can go very well with mayo.

He also bought Sweet Pumpkin Kit Kat which I never try before.

The mini packaging is very cute, matching the Halloween and Christmas theme.Kids like it very much.

Maxim's Egg Rolls is my favorite and HB gotten me a mini size pack. I haven't open it though but I had one tin last year which was very delicious.

Boss gave a packet of Piau Siang Bak Kwa for everyone in the office. I never seen or eaten this brand before but originally is from Melaka.

It is not individually wrapped, so I have to finish it immediately the moment I open it.Quite tempted to try out the taste considering it is new to me.

The kids love kuih bangkit. In fact, this is a must have cookies during Chinese New Year.

My mom gotten me a big pack of honey comb cookies (RM13/packet) from a wet market at Kepong. She said the lady only makes this once a year. One of my aunties even pre-order from her.

HB wanted to get me a CNY hamper but I wish for a big cookie jar. is my Famous Amos cookie jar loaded with assortment flavors of yummy cookies inside it. Guess after  walloping the whole jar, I have to make another visit to the doctor. Haha

Wishing everyone to have a Prosperous and Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Salted Egg Yolk Croissant at Bake Plan, SS2

Not sure the hype for salted egg yolk croissant is still around, but it doesn't matter as long as I get one in breeze.No need to wait, no need to queue and of course you can get as many as you want. The staff is very friendly too.

At Bake Plan, SS2.

We were at SS2 last weekend to get some fresh produce at the morning market and by the time we were done and finished eating our breakfast, it was just nice for us to walk in to get some fresh and warm croissants which were just out from the oven.

A happy girl walking around the bakery to check out the yummy pastries.
Contemplating to buy each and every single one but bread nowadays is not cheap.

Can't get off the smell of the crispy caramel (the first from the left). Grabbed one piece.

And of course we here for this! The golden lava croissant. We gotten not one but three to go! A bit regret for getting too little. Hahah

The golden crispy, buttery and flaky puff pastry is filled with rich and creamy salted egg yolk lava.Now i started to feel hungry looking at it.

The molten salted egg yolk custard oozing out sinfully the moment you break into it. It was painstaking holding and looking at the dripping custard while waiting for the pic to be taken.

I love croissant more than the salted egg yolk cronut,  probably it is served warm.At first we had one to share, but it was not enough to satisfy our craving so we ate another one. Don't say I did not tell you, one is definitely not enough!

I even had another for dinner. **guilt free** for this. Hehehee

Bake Plan, SS2 (same row as McDonald's)
36, Jalan SS2/61
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Friday, January 22, 2016

KidZania Kuala Lumpur CNY 2016 “Double the Ong” Promotion (And free pass giveaway!)

The kids have always loved going to KidZania. There’s so much to do and the activities are for kids only so they get a chance to play around with various roles and jobs while interacting with their peers. It’s a kid-centric city that has so much to offer. The little ones always remind me to keep their kidZos (the KidZania currency) and passport safe for the next time they go.

We’ll be going again next month since there are heaps of activities to go with the Chinese New Year holidays. The tickets will be cheaper too!

The KidZania “Double the Ong” promotion offers RM 88 for 1 Kid + 1 Adult ticket when you purchase online. You’ll also get free ang pows with kidZos inside when you purchase online from 1 – 14th February 2016!

That’s a great deal and we’ll be getting two of the passes. It’ll admit a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids) for just RM 176! I love the KidZania ang pow design to – they’re so cute! They have two versions and I want to collect them. Remember to put in the online promotion code in the poster above when you book your tickets.

There are also special activities in KidZania Kuala Lumpur from 22 January – 21 February:

The first one is Tangyuen Lessons.
Date: 22 – 29 January 2016
Time: 12 pm – 4 pm
Location: In front of Metropolitan Theatre
Ooh…I think the kids will certainly enjoy making these small balls glutinous rice. It’ll be good for them to learn this so maybe next time they can make it for me instead. Haha.

There’s also a Martial Arts Workshop.
Date: 29 January – 4 February 2016
Time: 2 pm
Location: In front of Metropolitan Theatre
I think Big E will enjoy this.

The Lantern Making Contest is also a great way for the kids to learn more about Chinese culture and traditions and also try their luck at winning awesome prizes.
Date: 30 – 31 January 2016
6 – 7 February 2016
8 – 9 February 2016
Time: Session 1 @ 12 – 12:30 pm
Session 2 @ 12:30 – 1 pm
Location: Event space
There are only 4 pairs of 1 Parent and 1 Kid per session so remember to arrive early!

There will be a Chinese Music Instrument Workshop too. I love the Chinese culture themed activities, it’s both practical and lets the children learn more about their culture, especially traditional musical instruments.
Date: 30 – 31 January 2016
Time: 2 pm
Location: In front of Metropolitan Theatre
Play with musical instruments you have never played before!

KidZania will also have activities where the kids can Play Traditional Games too. That would be cool and I’m also curious to know what these traditional games are. I might have played them in my youth too.
Date: 1 - 21 February 2016
Time: 12 – 4 pm
Location: In front of National Store

The most intriguing one is the Magic Show and Chinese Face Mask Changing. Who doesn’t like a magic show right? Furthermore, the art of Chinese face mask changing or bian lian is still considered one of the most elusive arts.
Date: 23 – 24 January 2016
Time: Session 1 @ 1 pm
Session 2 @ 3:30 pm
Location: In front of Metropolitan Theatre

KidZania Ticket Giveaway Contest for readers:

Do you want to win a free double pass (1 Adult + 1 Kid) to KidZania Kuala Lumpur? You’re in luck coz they’re giving them away to the first five (5) readers who share the poster below.

Just download the poster and share it on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram before 7th February 2016.

You must hashtag #KidZaniaKL and #KZKLDoubleTheOng in your post.

Share the link for your post in the comments here.

P/S – Remember to set your privacy settings to PUBLIC so KidZania can see it.

The first five (5) readers from to share the poster and paste the link in the comments below will win a pair of passes to KidZania Kuala Lumpur (1 Adult + 1 Child). Good luck and happy Chinese New Year!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream & Rather Obscene But Edible Jipangi Korean Ice Cream

We were almost out the whole day for CNY shopping at Sunway Pyramid. I wasn't convinced that I can do shopping with HB for that long.

Me : You sure can walk that long?
Him : I'm Okay. If we are tired, we can get a dessert or a drink each time we walk out from 2 shops.
Me : Chi Sin (Crazy)...

Anyhow we did stop over at two ice cream shops.

We opted for the combo set, priced at RM12.90. You will get the signature coconut ice cream with 3 toppings and a cup of coconut juice. We thought it was a pretty good deal considering the signature ice cream itself, cost RM10.50.

Someone was trying his best effort to fill up the empty spaces with the toppings.

I have eaten this twice but I personally think this dessert is mediocre only.It wasn't as creamy and rich as expected, nevertheless is fun to eat at least for once. Haha

Jipangi Korean ice cream has landed in Malaysia for quite some time. Even though the main selling point is the shape of the ice cream cone made of corn flour, it never intrigue me even once to get near to the ice cream shop.

I reckoned it is due to the cane-shaped ice cream cone that resembles something in my mind.HB said I have a 'yellow brain'...Hmmmmmm

He gotten one that comes in 2 flavours. One end is stuffed with soft serve chocolate ice cream and the other end with a mango flavor. He finished most of it and I still prefer the former one.

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