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Monday, December 22, 2014

Our Pre Christmas Celebration cum Staycation in Kuala Lumpur

Counting down the days till Christmas!

HB and I had a pre Christmas celebration due to our personal commitments, so we planned a fabulous staycation in Kuala Lumpur last weekend.

We do not  frequent to the city center considering the massive jam and what's not a hot spot for tourist visit. Well, once in a blue moon is not a bad idea to be a local tourist and do things like what other tourists do, right?

And we packed our luggage and drove down to Hotel Royal Kuala Lumpur for our weekend staycation!

Caught my favorite musical - Mama Mia! on their international tour to KL.  It was HB who brought me along to this awesome musical event all the way from London. #unforgetablemoments #firsttime

FOOD! We stuffed ourselves as much as we could..Hahha..I wish we have more rooms for all the delicious food we could find in Hutong, Lot 10.

Chucklesome theater beforehand - Delicious Homemade Turkish Ice Cream. Guess which flavor we gotten?

Shopping time for the princess...*giggles**

All I want for Christmas is................

Can't left out the foodie also...He needs food.I mean a lot!

Actually this is for me.....hehe

Holiday Cookies

More snacks for the holiday season....and of course gaining more calories.

Wishing everyone to have a wonderful - Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mini Rice Cooker : Whole Tomato Rice

If you still remember, there were a huge rave about whole tomato rice over the FB some time ago. Yea, that's make me itch to try it as well considering it is a quick and easy simple recipe to whip up during the busy hour.

To cook tomato rice - of course you need a whole tomato. And you can add other ingredients you prefer. For me, I had a very simple vegetarian rice.

They claimed the rice will taste even better if you add a few dollops of butter which I did.

Dump all the ingredients inside the rice cooker and press the START button.

And my tomato rice is perfectly cooked.

As I was busy for the past week, I even brought all the prepared ingredients to cook at my office. Yes, I have a mini rice cooker sitting opposite my work desk..hahah..I thought it is a great mini gadget to prepare express lunch especially you are stuck with endless phone calls rushing you like mad, which  does not permit you to leave the office for lunch. Well, tomato rice certainly a delicious and healthy choice to comfort the stomach.

I even added half a spoon of Bovril to enhance the taste to my steamed rice. Anyone has try this whole tomato rice too? Do you like it?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lucky Pick : Lego MiniFigure - Lego Pigman

Take a break with.... chocolate drink. Busy...but will be right back!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sarawak Laksa in Sibu & Big Prawn Head Noodles in Sarikei, Sarawak

A short trip to Sibu last weekend to visit HB's dad.

The first thing upon touching down the city was to satisfy my craving. Yes, Sarawak Laksa. We had our quick fix at Aloha Cafe, which served the best Sarawak laksa (at least to me). I even wanted to have another bowl before flying back the next day but it was a bit too late to catch my flight.

Special Sarawak laksa (RM7), which you will get medium sized prawns. And if you want large prawns, go for the BIG one, priced at RM10. Taste as good as the photos..Haha

Right after our meal, HB drove us down to a small town called Sarikei (which takes about an hour drive journey). My maiden visit to Sarikei!

The famous landmark in this town is none other than the pineapple statue. (right behind the clock tower..heheh)..This small vibe town is also known as 'The Fruit Basket of Sarawak'.

Hey...The Sarikei Clock Tower as famous too ...officially opened in 1974. Hmm..the year I was not even born!

The road trip to Sarikei was none other than the Big Prawn Noodles at Glory Cafe. I have heard so much from HB about this well known local delicacy and he promised to me there some time ago. Ok...we made it this time along with his dad..

I heard recently they had their Coconut Tom Yam Big Prawn Noodles (RM33 - as at Nov 14) recipe improvised by using the coconut juice to cook with the tom yam soup which explained why it tasted sweet! Best is the noodles served in the coconut itself. *awesome stuff*

In case you are wondering how many big head prawn are inside the ONE but cleave into four to make an equal sharing portion..hehhe

The fresh white prawn meat is not overcooked but retained the tender and succulent texture. So yumms!

Quench the thirst with coconut juice while I had the coconut pudding after looking this dessert sitting on so many tables.*must be sedap**

The smooth and wobbly pudding served inside the coconut is so refreshing and perfect to seal off our spicy meal under the hot weather. #noregrets

And that concluded my short but delicious trip to Sarikei. Burp! **oops excuse me**
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