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Monday, September 19, 2016

Nyonya Cuisine and Cendol at Kapitan Kongsi Restaurant, Melaka

Whenever I visit Melaka, it is a must to search for Nyonya food but more important is to hunt for delicious cendol. I remember reading Merryn's post where she had cendol in Chanap Cafe. I registered that place in my memory and when I go to Melaka, I will make sure to make it down for the cendol.

I happily drove my family to the cafe but I couldn't find it so I called up the owner, Ricky. Ricky told me they have moved to a new place which is happened to be at the Kapitan Kongsi Hotel. It is not far from the old place.

The new place now is called Kapitan Kongsi Restaurant. I love their interior design which features many old school and classic decorations with the combination of Peranakan style too.

So into this!

Cendol (RM5.80)

I love how they presented their desserts in the attracting little oriental bowl which topped with fresh greenish cendol and kidney beans.The shaved ice is packed with rich gula Melaka and creamy coconut milk which defines how a bowl of authentic cendol should have. I came to the right place!

Tai Bak (RM3.80)

The vibrant color of this dessert is intriguing but it can be rather plain and bored too. Basically it is just shaved ice infused with sugar syrup and topped with the colorful jelly made of rice flour. I am glad that I did try it.

My parents and I were still quite full from our late brunch but the kids complaining they were hungry. I think they just got very excited to see the beautiful plates and hoping we will order some dishes and they get the chance to use the plates.

Chicken Pongteh (RM25.00) - 4 servings
Everyone may have a different taste but too me this dish is as good as I can expect from a Peranakan restaurant.

I also ordered a set lunch for 1 pax - Gerang Assam Fish (RM13.80)

The set lunch comes with a rice, a fried egg and vegetables but Ricky was kind enough to offer us an extra serving for vegetables since we wanted a Chap Chye but it wasn't ready yet. The fish is likened by my parents a lot. The spicy and sour gravy was loaded with complex flavors and appetizing to go with the rice. I can't help myself too with more rice.

The new place is cozy and comfortable which is just located beside the boutique Hotel with ample  parking space.

Kapitan Kongsi Restaurant (located inside Kapitan Kongsi Hotel)
Add : 53, Jalan KLJ 10 Jaya, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Contact No : 017-9076723

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Holidays : Breakfast in Seremban, Heeren Straits Hotel and Sightseeing in Melaka

It was a long weekend break and the kids are having their school holidays too. Plan short getaway to Melaka with my parents and the kids. My parents hardly get to travel outstation even though my dad still can drive but we adviced him not to drive long distance so whenever I have the time, I will try to drive them around for a short weekend trip.

We made a stop in Seremban for breakfast as my dad wanted to try this Mee Hoon Sotong which he happened to read from a newspaper article. He said this stall has been around for decades and now manned by the 4th generation. This stall is located in the Pasar Besar Seremban.

It tasted very similar to the Cantonese fried noodles (kong foo chow) because the noodles has been fried ahead before adding in the thin gravy and topped with sotong and braised pork. It is a simple dish but aromatic and packed with flavors.
Mee Hoon Sotong (RM4.00)

After breakfast, we continued our carefree journey since the traffic was smooth that day. The kids have been pestering me a lot of time to go for the Melaka River Cruise, so granted their wish this time. My parents have not been on the cruise too so it was just perfect.

I booked a Super Deluxe Room which consisted two king sized bed rooms at Heeren Straits Hotel, located near Jonker Walk.

Welcome drinks.

The bathroom is located on the ground floor.

While the bedroom is located on the upper floor which is accessible through the room staircase. Not advisable to stay here if you have elderies or small kids but both my parents and the children are fine with that. Another thing to note is that finding a parking space might be a bit hassle but the hotel has a designated car park for their guests which is located slightly away from the hotel, but we were lucky to spot one empty space which was just right in front of the hotel.

The thing I like about this hotel is well maintained, cozy and quiet, albeit it is near the busy street.The staffs are very kind and helpful too.  I didn't expect to receive a great hospitality by judging from the outside..hahah

My dad had been to this stall for the calligraphy poem a few times. This time he is back to get one for my brother and his family. I didn't get any since I would not know what she writes.

Seems like a new trend of drinking water melon juice from a small watermelon fruit. Didn't quite like it as you will end up spitting lots of seeds.

Pokemon trainer must have a Pokemon T-shirt. Got both of them each and wanted to wear it immediately.

Urghh...monitor lizard.

The weather was nice and cooling so we get to take a long walk which we never really did back then.

Friday, September 9, 2016

#AtSchool - Things my children do.

Since I don't really share photos of my girls nowadays, I think I am going to pen down the things that my kids say, their daily encounters that give me a heart attack moment or any things that I find it too amazing and witty, which I can't think of any reason not recording it.

One day, the small one came out from the school looked tired and pale. I smell something unusual...

Me: Something wrong?
Small E: I did not eat during my break time.
Me : Huh!! Why? You lost your money? Not enough time?

Off all the reasons I can think of..Guess what?

Small E: I give the money to the kakak but she don't want to take my money,so I cannot take my food.
Wahhh...piang **speechless.I wonder how long she actually stands there that make her put off by not getting the food and left.

**Got nagged all the way back home...

Thursday, September 1, 2016

From my garden : Brazilian Spinach

Kathy gave me a Brazilian Spinach plant to add into my little garden some time ago. She said is very easy to maintain so I quickly adopted it from her. I have not eaten this vegetables before but finds it quite versatile. I went through some recipes and is mainly use to make salad. I have not try it though.

My fresh harvested leaves from the garden this morning. Glad it has been growing well and supplying abundance of greens for me.

This morning I decided to add into my stir fried chicken fillet. A simple and healthy dish to go with  my bento box for lunch at work.
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