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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My birthday celebration with lots of sweet surprises

I just had a sweet birthday celebration yesterday and over the weekend too. I would like to thank everyone for the happy birthday wishes. *feeling blessed**

An edible pot plant cake HB gotten from Donutes.

He mentioned about this pot plant before, and finally he gotten one for my birthday considering one huge birthday cake is way too much for me and the kids to finish. Layered with three different textures, the oreo crumbs with cream, sponge cake and the jelly at the bottom.

Over the weekend, he plans to bring me to Nobu, Kuala Lumpur for my birthday lunch but I was really sick the night before plus my taste bud is blocked badly. So, we cancelled the plan and off for Korean food.

We wanted to try the 8 Color 8 Flavour Pork at Palsaik, Mont Kiara. Since my tongue was almost tasteless probably these 8 flavours can do wonders..ahahha

The eight flavours are ginseng, wine, pine leaves, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste and hot pepper.Fret not as all the color is natural-derived which you can eat in peace of mind.

Starting off from the mildest flavour, the ginseng to the most intense one- the hot pepper. True enough I can taste the spicy one..hehe

The 8 color set is meant for 3-4 persons, but we wanted to try all the 8 flavors (after all that's the purpose of coming here) so we both have to stuff ourselves with almost 1kg of pork belly. Burrps...#porkcraze

The set also comes with a seafood soup with mussels, flower crab, squid, one prawn (hehe) and lots of healthy vegetables. The spiciness from the soup provides comfort and ease down my nose block.

Come to my actual birthday, I received a very beautiful bunch of champagne roses from HB. Yup, it was a surprise from him. He knows I love fresh flowers and made a special delivery order from #happybunch a day before.

I don't have to cook at night so he packed over some food and came with another big surprise. Oh my Goshhhhh..It's Tiffany & Co! **screaming**

It is gorgeously packed in a Tiffany blue paper bag and the surprise is wrapped in a sweet gift box. Excited to unbox it.

Awww......Tiffany Open Heart Pendant by Elsa Peretti in sterling silver and 18k rose gold on a sterling silver chain! So in love with it. I am a happy princess! Thanks to the loved one. Hugs**

My birthday celebration has always been sweet because I have someone who is always so thoughtful and every year I am getting spoiled at this time.* next year he said he will buy me a 'kancil' hahah**

Friday, April 10, 2015

Simple and quick frittata at home

OMG…past weeks have not been gentle to us. First, the small one was sick and followed by the big one. As to date Big E is still having fever and it has been 5 days though. This morning brought her to doctor again and she went for a blood test. The positive side is blood result is normal - not dengue*relief* but her fever yet to subside. I am hoping her fever to go off quickly.

Due to lack of sleep and rest, I am down too. We have not much appetite and cooking is less. Trying to clear off lots of stuff in the fridge before it gone bad.

Whip up a quick frittata. The  frittata has lots of vegetables..hhaha..Got parsley,tomato, white button mushroom, onion and spring onion.

Ingredients used
- assorted vegetables
- 2 eggs (beaten)
- butter, salt and pepper

Heat up the pan and add 1 tbsp of butter. Add all the vegetables and saute until fragrant (about 2-3 mins).Pour egg mixture into pan.

Cook the egg mixture until the bottom set and top begins to set up. Season with salt and pepper. Place the pan into oven and cook until lightly brown and and fluffy (about 2 mins - 180C with fan)

Cut into slices and top with parsley if prefers. Serve immediately.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My favorite place for Thai Food - Old Siam Kopitam @ One Utama

Today is the start of GST implementation. Did anyone head to the pre GST shopping last weekend? We did go to the mall and seriously, spotted most of the cashier counters were on a long queue. I am not those who can wait patiently in a long queue especially with the kids. At the end I just stopped by a pharmacy to get some necessities for myself.

I was yearning for some Thai food after my shopping trip.I know One Utama has this little hidden gem which is located at the new wing Concourse level. I particular like to come here for Thai food since it is affordable and most important the dishes that are suitable for the kids too. They also served pork so it is a non halal eatery.

- At Old Siam Kopitam-

The kids ordered Thai Soya Bean (RM7.90) and they were surprised when the drink was served. Haha..yea, they were expecting the white soya bean we normally had.

This is  double black soya bean drink from Thailand which is quite rich and not too sweet. Nice for a change.hehe

Appetizer - Yum Mamuang Kheb Moo (Mango Kerabu with Crispy Pork Skin) - RM9.90
Looking at the greens makes me happy. To add more kick to the flavour, we requested for extra spicy and they added more bird eye chilies instead. A nice touch by topping with the crispy pork skin which gives your taste bud an extra texture.

My girl had the Moo Thod Kratiem Prik Thai (Deep fried Pork in garlic served with Thai fragrant rice and sunny side up) - RM11.90. At first, I was skeptical that the pork would turn out  tough if it's over cook. Na...I was worrying too much. The well marinated crispy pork is so tender  topped with fragrant fried garlic levels up the whole dish, that my girl happily polished clean the plate.

The little one prefers noodle. She had Phad Thai (Stir Fry Rice Noodles) - RM11.90. The girl enjoyed very much too. She asked me why the noodle is sweet and I reckon is the fish sauce does the trick. A dish that kids would love to eat. **minus the vegetables**

The dad had Khao Kruk Kapi (Thai Belacan Rice served with sweet pork) - RM12.90. We were laughing when the dish was served. Yea, the heart shaped rice with edible eyes and mouth. I had a bite of the sweet pork and found is very additive because of the sweet tangy sauce which goes quite well with the rice.

Mine came last because they have missed out my order. I had Kai Thod Sadao (Sadao fried chicken served with papaya salad and Thai fragrant rice) - RM12.90.  Ohh...and I got the same design of rice too. The dish came with two pieces of chicken, topped with fried shallots - a drumstick and a wing. Both are my favorite parts which is well seasoned and beautifully done.I have no problem finish everything on the plate because the chicken is so moist and juicy. I can't get any better than that for a fried chicken.

Dessert - Thab Thim Krob (Water chestnut, jack fruit in coconut milk) - RM7.90. This is one my favorite Thai desserts followed by Thai Mango Rice. I tried the latter one when I first came here but were not impressed. This time I opted for this coconut dessert and was slightly let down too. The coconut milk is quite bland and I prefer my shaved ice to be smooth. Nevertheless, I will still drop by for other delicious dishes..

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Short Updates! We're back from short getaway.

The last thing we did before school holiday ended was bringing the kids for a short getaway. Yea, we brought Emmet along to check in at Legoland Hotel, Malaysia. The stay was pleasant with top notch service. We all loving it!

There will be a long hiatus from now on**perhaps** as you can see....*headache** I am busy with GST 2015 preparation.

Goodbye to holidays and time to get back to work.
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