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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Discover Hong Kong : Polo Bun, Ding Ding (Tram) and Claypot Chicken

My short working trip ended with special request of what I wish to eat..haha. I didn't get to breakfast at any char chan teng during the entire trip, so my bosses brought me to the typical local cafe for Polo Bun and smooth and silky milk tea.

We grabbed a quick lunch at nearby restaurant since we were busy rushing for the last day. Hong Kong is famous for wanton noodles but have you tried with a tomato soup based? It was delicious!The tomato soup is so sweet and rich almost like drinking comforting ABC soup. Not to mention the plump and juicy wanton which I never think is too much.

At night my colleague took me and another boss for this. If you can read Chinese, you will understand better. For easier understanding, I just called it Claypot Chicken. Yea, is another cuisine which locals enjoy eating.

This restaurant is located at Shau Kei Wan, a place which I never been to. From our office, the journey takes about 20 minutes via bus. We were rushing and ended up took a bus which takes longer a route because they covered more areas. At the end the bus took us about 1 hour plus to reach the restaurant.

It is almost impossible for me to locate this place if not local brings me because it is hidden in a back alley.Small shop but packed with customers.


The chicken itself is already well done. Just have to heat up and add in the vegetables to lift up the flavors. You can choose the level of spiciness and the portion of the chicken. (half or whole chicken)

Ours was medium hot and it's so good to be eaten during the cooling day. So spicy but so appetizing because it loaded with punch of flavors and aromatic Chinese wine. The next day when I woke up, a sexy croaking voice was developed but I was already on the way to airport, so it was all good..haha

We also had some side dishes. This is a cold dish. It is sliced pork belly with sweet and spicy sauce.

And pan fried minced pork

I also had a chance to take the 'ding ding' aka the old tram enjoying the amazing night view in the city center.

My colleagues. Three of us are the longest serving employees, been with this company for more than 10 years. From Hong Kong, Taiwan and of course Malaysia.

That pretty much concluded my working trip in Hong Kong. It was certainly a great and fun experience for me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Letter to my 10 years old baby girl, my beloved daughter.

Yup, she is still my little baby. The day when I brought you into this world has already started with complications…Yup, you gave me hard times by not coming out as the way it was intended. So, the gynae decided to gift your mami a permanent tattoo, not anything fancy but a line under the bikini area. Right after, you cried out loud but your mami already passed out..

Fast forward to 10 years now, you grew up to be a bubbly and talkative kid. No doubt, your speech development is extremely fast whereby you can talk in simple line when you hit 1 years old. When I asked you something, you can explain to me and others especially your popo in very details,  sometimes mami feels like dozing off . There are times I have to tell you to slow down or can you let me rest a while because my ears are tired. Yea, you just have so much to talk and ask. But when you are grumpy, I hear not less than 2 words from your mouth. That’s very YOU.

Throughout out the years, we went through a lot. We laughed, played and of course cried together. Not sure if you still remember you came to hug me when I was crying. I was touched even though you don’t know what to say to me. And then, there was a time mami cried and hugged you. Mami apologized to you, because I threw away your precious toy, which is also your ‘bao bei’. did test me to that level of patient, but we both embraced it together and acknowledged nothing can change to clock it back. I guess that was the toughest experience we both went which makes us stronger.

You grew up to be a bit insecure and less confidence, probably due to the mishaps mami brought in to your life. I tried my very best to lead and guide you to look things more positively. I know you like to keep things in your heart just like mami; probably that’s how mami grew up. Mami don’t express lots of my feelings to your popo back then. But with you, I don’t want you to be like me. I want you to be more open up at least to me. I reassure you that no matter things are good or bad, I am always here to shield you. I might not be able to protect you from everything, especially hurting words that people talked about you or even in front of you.

You can’t prevent people from talking out because the mouths belong to them, but you can always choose to ignore the negative words and don’t take it in the heart because if you do, you will end up getting hurt. Hence, you also make those losers end up become a winner because they succeed making you fail. Mami not sure if you understand it but I think you are getting better now, at least you called and talked to me when you feel hurt. **Mami will make sure reload the credit at the right time..ok.Hehe**It shows now you can rely on me anytime and I am always there for you. Good job there for your courage to open up to me.

I don’t know since when you learn to become a frugal girl. Probably, I always say this and that expensive, this is cheaper, we should get this and not there. You don’t ask for expensive gifts but you ended up getting expensive birthday presents. You only ask me for money when you really need it. When you need money to buy food at canteen, I will happily give you RM2 but you said no. You only take RM1 because you only buying one food and that cost RM1. I asked you what if you lost that RM1. You answered me it won’t happen. Ok…I don’t justify with you anymore. You learned to ask what the price is when we are getting something but you always end up saying is expensive... I don’t know how you define or value ‘expensive’ but when I bought a piece of cake for RM10, you said is expensive but when I got you a branded toy for RM80, you said is cheap. Hahah…

You become more compassion. I remember lots of times when we are eating together, you will offer your favorite piece of meat to me after looking at my plate filled with greens..Hahah. I said is ok, just eat it but you always kind enough to pick up a meat from your plate and put on mine. You told me,”mom, you should eat more meat. “ How great is my daughter, right?
I don’t know how you gonna be like in another 10 years. Mami is worry because I have you and your sister, but I try not to channel my anxious…**try my best* to you but letting you both grow up happily and experience what has to come in the future.

My beloved little girl, I wish you a very Happy 10th Birthday again. In a few year’s time, you will step into your teenager’s life. I know it’s going to be challenging but rest assure you that you can rely on me. I will always by your side through good and bad times. You just have to talk to me else I would not be able to hear from your heart. Last but not least, remember not to get bother by what other people have to say, keep marching strongly and you will just be fine.

Love always,

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Before we headed back to KL, I decided to stop by Nancy's Kitchen for lunch.Little that I know the restaurant has moved to a new place. Formerly, it was located at the Jonker Street which I had been there 4 years ago.

Despite they have good and bad reviews, I still love to go back for her Nyonya Laksa (my personal preference). The new place seems to be more spacious and not cramp like the old shop used to be.

But still got annoyed when customers walk in and stand beside your table before you even finish your last sip of coffee, despite the waiter has taken down their names and asked them to wait outside.

Assortment of cookies and local 'kuih-muih'. I particular like the onde-onde.

I am not sure the exact name of this kuih, but I think is called pulut talam or pulut tekan? A must buy because it was selling like a hot cake.It was all gone before we finished our meal but luckily we grabbed a few pieces earlier.

Nyonya bak chang.

Our drinks. I had hot coffee (so rich and aromatic) and the kids shared a mango juice. The mango juice is served with fresh cubes mango too. Delicious stuff!

Their signature way of displaying their cendol in an iced ball shape, drizzled with gula melaka. Not the best one but average good as a bowl of cendol.

All of us had the signature Nyonya Laksa (RM8.50) while the kids shared a bowl of fish ball noodles.

It was a huge portion with generous amount of ingredients such as 'tau fu pok', fish balls, slices of fish cakes and a huge prawn too. Of many Nyonya laksa I have tried, I still come back for hers. Just love the complexity of the curry flavor and of course the price is very affordable too. It can be quite fiery if you have low tolerance for chilli.

This is the new location with ample parking space. In another hand,just brace yourself with the long queue at a certain time and 'kiamsiap' customers standing beside your table when you are about done, else is all good.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Nyonya Cuisine and Cendol at Kapitan Kongsi Restaurant, Melaka

Whenever I visit Melaka, it is a must to search for Nyonya food but more important is to hunt for delicious cendol. I remember reading Merryn's post where she had cendol in Chanap Cafe. I registered that place in my memory and when I go to Melaka, I will make sure to make it down for the cendol.

I happily drove my family to the cafe but I couldn't find it so I called up the owner, Ricky. Ricky told me they have moved to a new place which is happened to be at the Kapitan Kongsi Hotel. It is not far from the old place.

The new place now is called Kapitan Kongsi Restaurant. I love their interior design which features many old school and classic decorations with the combination of Peranakan style too.

So into this!

Cendol (RM5.80)

I love how they presented their desserts in the attracting little oriental bowl which topped with fresh greenish cendol and kidney beans.The shaved ice is packed with rich gula Melaka and creamy coconut milk which defines how a bowl of authentic cendol should have. I came to the right place!

Tai Bak (RM3.80)

The vibrant color of this dessert is intriguing but it can be rather plain and bored too. Basically it is just shaved ice infused with sugar syrup and topped with the colorful jelly made of rice flour. I am glad that I did try it.

My parents and I were still quite full from our late brunch but the kids complaining they were hungry. I think they just got very excited to see the beautiful plates and hoping we will order some dishes and they get the chance to use the plates.

Chicken Pongteh (RM25.00) - 4 servings
Everyone may have a different taste but too me this dish is as good as I can expect from a Peranakan restaurant.

I also ordered a set lunch for 1 pax - Gerang Assam Fish (RM13.80)

The set lunch comes with a rice, a fried egg and vegetables but Ricky was kind enough to offer us an extra serving for vegetables since we wanted a Chap Chye but it wasn't ready yet. The fish is likened by my parents a lot. The spicy and sour gravy was loaded with complex flavors and appetizing to go with the rice. I can't help myself too with more rice.

The new place is cozy and comfortable which is just located beside the boutique Hotel with ample  parking space.

Kapitan Kongsi Restaurant (located inside Kapitan Kongsi Hotel)
Add : 53, Jalan KLJ 10 Jaya, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Contact No : 017-9076723
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