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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

One of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar is Easter. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death, as written in the Christian bible. In our homeland, it may not a big celebration compared to the western country; somehow it is typically the most well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches.

The moment we touchdown in Germany, we can feel the festive mood at every single corner. Beautiful themed Easter displays were spotted at a mall called Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt.

The displays are much intriguing which catch our eyes,each represents cities around Europe!
- Bonjour Paris!

One of the unique little touches that add to our amusement was this 'drunk' bunny.

From Vienna, Austria features a moving Ferris wheel.

Ciao! The Leaning Tower of Pisa - Rome, Italy

Amsterdam, Netherlands. From windmill, a canal to Easter bunnies carrying cheese, so much of details going on.

Apart from the amazing and creative decors, the eggs surprise that I wanted to lug back while we were doing our groceries shopping.

* Hello Kitty Chocolate Surprise*

Kinder Surprise, contained 3 chocolate eggs with a little toy inside which HB wanted to get for the kids.

McCafe also have been very thoughtful that our drinks came with a Mars candy.

We were not too sure if this little gesture is only available during this festive celebration, somehow they certainly made our day especially the loved one is a huge fan of Mars.

Last but not least, Lufthansa also made our journey (direct flight from Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur) sweeter for our in-flight meal came with a cute surprise too.

Blessed Easter everyone!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me! What's life after a year of Separation?

Here’s to another year! It has been a year since my separation. Still remember vividly back then, same time around this year I was battling with high and low emotions, dealing with the black and white of my divorce case, having to learn and deal how to best get my kids through the toughest times. I never really mention much about my personal emotion in my blog, especially about my previous marriage. Well, the past marriage doesn't mean the end of everything but also the beginning to another chapter of life. Both the ex-hub and I have a better life now with us having our better half to love. Both my amazing kids also have learned about our separation and the acceptance of our new lives over the past year.

Hmmm…wondering what’s my life after a year separation? Looking back now, most of the things are pretty still the same and I have no problem of taking care of my girls because I have managed them my own even before the separation. Except that now I have moved out to stay with my parents. My kids no longer going to babysitter since my ex-parents in law (but to me they are still my in laws and I still call them mom and dad) have moved in and they will look after the kids while I am at work. Most of the time, the kids will stay with me. By end of the year, I will have my own home with my kids and I am looking forward for our own space.

I always got this question asked. Did I ever regret of getting married at 20s, what’s not having the 2 kids before reaching 30s? I can proudly tell myself or anyone I never regret of making a vow back then. I am not afraid to admit that I have failed to fulfill the vow which has been made. I tried my very best for the past 7 years but things had grown more intense which isn’t good for both of us and the kids too.

I even made a decision to stay because I am hoping my kids will grown up in an intact family with dad and mom always there, but I realized it has created more stress in the house. I also found out it does not benefit the kids in any way when their parents have problems and eventually it tends to affect them. I think everyone in the family deserve to be happy instead of an intense home with so many mixed feelings. Now it’s all good because the ex-hub and I still maintain a good relationship (as in mom and dad to the kids) even though there are endless disputes but our main goal is still the same that is to bring up the kids happily. We want the kids to know even though we are no longer together but we are still a family.

It is not easy to acknowledge the failure of the marriage but I have gotten through it. I and the ex-hub deserve another chance and the kids deserve to grow up without tension because they are not meant to put into this kind of situation. I have stepped out of the comfort zone and overcome my fear to start a new life regardless of the words poured out from naysayers; I know I can hang on there!
*pardon her for the words wrongly spelled*

Happy 31st Birthday to Me!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Greetings from Paris, France! Our Last day here.

Bonjour Paris, France!

We have been here for 5 days and today we will be heading back to Frankfurt via Eurolines, the long journey bus. The journey will take up about 9 hours. By the time we reach there, it will be the next morning.

Just a short update what we did in Paris before we will be heading out to catch the bus.

HB booked an apartment which allow us to cook. We thought that will save up a bit of our Euros to cook at home. Short Stay Apartment is strategically located near to the metro station (Gare D'Austerlitz), just a minute of walking distance to the subway and you can easily get around the city via the train. A stone's throw away is McDonald's and further down you can shop at the convenient store or market which open until late night.

HB also booked a 2 Michelin star restaurant - Relais Louis VIII to celebrate my birthday in advance. It was an awesome dining experience in this French restaurant which whipped up some classic French dishes and also their in-house specialties. (will blog more about the food later on)

Hmmm...something pretty amused the two ladies! Guess what?

This was where Pablo Picasso stayed back then.

His unoccupied mansion is right opposite the restaurant.

Mailbox had been sealed.

In search for macarons in Paris. Yup, that is one of things that I wanted to do in Paris. The first stop was at Pierre Herme.

It will not be a complete search without having to visit to the Laduree for our second hunt of macarons. Both were awesome and delicious in their own method of combining the 2 macarons shells with the special fillings in each different  flavor of macaron.

We did quite a lot of walking and beautiful flowers seems to greet you along the street.

There are so many patisserie at every corner of the street. Just walk in and you will spoil with choices.

Who moved my cheese?

The iconic monument in Paris, Arc De Triomphe - built by Napoleon as a symbol of his triumphant Great Army. A must visit place to capture a photo of this piece of historical art before bidding farewell to Paris.

 Hmmm..Visiting Paris reminded me lots of scenes in Triumph in the Skies II, the TVB drama. Well, this is the City of Romance, right?

Posted at 12.35pm (12th April 2014) Paris time.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

We are in Frankfurt! Check in Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch for 3 nights.

Greetings from Germany! Yes, we arrived in Frankfurt last night. Currently, time here is 2pm and my body is still adjusting to the time zone. I try to keep awake by blogging..haha. So the decision of bringing my laptop is a good move.

Upon claiming our luggage, found out the handle was broken. Good thing is the side handle instead of the center one. All good though.

We check in at Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch, a beautiful 5 star hotel with top notch service. We will be staying here for 3 nights before heading to France.

With breathtaking view, the hotel is surrounded with lush greens, beautiful garden and lake.Taking a stroll through the park with the lovely temperature is simply relaxing.

Sort of like a plant biologist trying to pick up every flower possible and clicking away as in I am like doing some kind of flora studies.

Breakfast served in the hotel was awesome. An array of assortment of artisan breads, breakfast condiments, cold cuts, cheese, fresh fruit juice, desserts to start up with.

Fresh squeezed orange juice was lovely!

We definitely had a breakfast like a king.
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