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Friday, December 9, 2016


Hooray...our holidays mood are on. The kids are happy as I have excluded them from the Dec tuition. I think they deserve a good break before embracing another challenging year ahead, same goes to me.  I asked the kids what they want to do during this long break.

The small one said she wanted to take LRT. So, we went for a short trip to Kuala Lumpur.

We stopped by KL sentral and take a short walk inside Nu Sentral Mall. It was my first time to this mall as I don't frequent to KL. Noticed there is a Godiva shop. I ran to the shop like a kid to buy this luxury chocolate soft serve. Hahah. Three of us have a fair share for this heavenly delicious ice cream. So yummy!!

We took Monorail to Times Square and Isetan Bukit Bintang too. It was quite challenging but so fun tagging the 2 kiddos for a public ride. Even though I am not a pregnant lady, but there are some kind passengers who offer their seats for 3 of us. How nice, right.

We did not go to KL tower though, maybe next time.

The mother who simply cannot resist for more ice cream has to beg her kids so they will accompany her to queue up to buy the ice cream again. Haha

What's more when you have a frugal kid who keep telling you, mummy, is expensive la. Don't buy la..I told them is okay we spend a bit more once in a while because we don't really get to do this often. Actually they secretly want me to buy them toys! Hmmm.....

And the big one said we should go somewhere cold during this holiday. So we headed to Cameron Highland last weekend. It was really cold up there.

Breathtaking view from the home stay above.

We planning for a beach holiday before the school holiday is over but seems like everywhere is quite full. Maybe we have to postpone again for next year. Bye for now as I am also enjoying my long break.

Monday, November 21, 2016


My weekend now has becoming more challenging and exciting but I find it fruitful and worth the hard work by end of the day. In case you are wondering what am I doing, well I am now making fresh almond milk for sale during the weekend.

Th orders I am getting is through a FB ladies supporting group and feedback has been promising. Normally, I will open my booking 2 days in advance to the customers as I need another 2 days to soak the almond ahead and I will start to juice the nut milk on weekend night or morning.

I have barely started this less than a month and I am glad it was well paid off by the positive response so far. I can only take up to a certain amount of quantity since I am doing it all by myself. HB will come to help me out a bit for the delivery.

I set up a a few pick up areas for my customers to pick up their orders or if they are willing to pay a bit more, I will deliver to their house with a small delivery fee, but most of the time they will like to save up for the delivery charges which is all good to me as I prefer to meet up at the collection point.

I would say is quite challenging when you receive good response as I am afraid what if customers cancel their orders last minute due to any unforeseen circumstances because all the orders are by cash on delivery.

I even got a customer who has ordered a dozen of milk last weekend and I was so nervous. I keep thinking what if she cancel the order? And what am I going to do with the extras! Thank goodness, it all went smooth and I feel so blessed with all their committed orders.

Along the way, I faced lots of challenges but I keep pushing myself to it..Yea, my hand was sore and jellied when I have to squeeze the milk out from the milk bag in order to fill up about 40 empty bottles..

The next morning, I barely can open my bedroom door and not so flexible managing the steering wheel too..hahah., I told myself is ok, you will get 5 days to rest your hand after that.

Both the kids have been very good by offering to help out washing the empty bottles and arranging them into the oven for the sterilization process. The girls were so supportive and can you imagine hearing your own daughters praising you and thank you for the hard work done. That moment was priceless!

At the end of the day, I gave them RM1 for the labour work..hahah. They never complained is too little but so happy to put into their 'tabung'.

Fragile item..

I always bring one extra bottle out in case any mishaps during the delivery process and I was right. One of the bottle caps was too lose and it got spilled out, once.... Luckily I have an extra in hand.

I love almond milk because of the versatility and is something I think I am slightly good at making. Even though I can cook and bake, but I am more confident on this and I am glad turning into a small home business.

For my own consumption, I like to incorporate with other ingredients such a fruits. One of my customers said is delicious to mix with coffee. I have not try it though but will love to as she said is very silky and creamy.

It is always a healthier choice to start up with a warm cup of almond milk before heading out to work. It can last me at least up to 4-5 hours...Stay fit plan! Hehe

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hiruscar &Hiruscar Kids - Protect You and Your Family From Scars

“ Play is the highest for form of research.” – by Albert Einstein.
This is a very simple and direct quote but to really understand and apply this quote can be challenging to me. A short question, how many times you bring your children to outdoor play? I mean really PLAY with them and not sitting and watching over them while they are playing. Feeling extremely guilty to this question, I probably bring my kids out to play once in a week. How sad right? You probably will feel me if you were in my shoes being a full time working mom.

When I play with my kids, I really do play with them along as a buddy and I always remind myself not to restrict this and that while they are playing. I understand is normal to get worried as a parent but don’t overdo it such as limiting and taking charge of their boundaries especially during outdoor playing because we might end up blocking their physical and psychological development.

During outdoor play, let them explore and enjoy activities and allow them to be adventurous because it is part of growing up. Is normal to expect some tears, a scrape or a fall during their outdoor play, but ‘risky play’ helps the kids learn from mistakes and bounce back. These are all natural and necessary experiences that will help develop a healthy sensory system-foundational to learning and accomplishing many of life’s goals.

These are some informative tips I have learned from when I attended the My Hero-Scar Campaign. This campaign is to encourage parents to let their children enjoy more outdoor activities without having to worry about their little ones getting scars through cuts, bumps and bruises as long as it is treated properly with the right scar care product.

Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids offer an efficient and convenient solution to make sure adults and children don’t keep scars but only good memories from their outdoor activities. Ultimately, the ‘My Hero-Scar’ campaign aims to provide parents the assurance that while children can be active and adventurous, they do not have to worry about children’s scars as they are well taken care with Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids,” said Koon Yin Pang, Senior Manager, Consumer Health Lead, Marketing Management, Consumer Health of DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd during the launch of the campaign.

According to Health Department director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Malaysia counted about 167 cases of chickenpox last year. The prevalence of measles was even higher. Compared to the same period in 2015, the prevalence of measles has increased of about 340%. About 18% of the children who have had chickenpox for example are likely to get scars mainly on their faces, thorax, abdomen and back. This might affect the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Therefore, the launch of ‘My-Hero Scar’ campaign is timely and useful to reach out to Malaysians to help them learn and treat wounds and scars effectively.

Hiruscar and Hiruscar Kids are here to break free from your worry as they can protect you and your family from scaring conditions.

Now, you can have a safe mind to let them play and explore freely. Start going out to play!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


My sightseeing trip would not complete without getting to the Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica which is located in the city center. It was a Sunday morning, thus it was fortunate to spot many couples were getting their wedding photography taken at this beautiful cathedral.

There was a special ceremony going on, thus visitors are not allowed to enter.

A stone's throw away from the cathedral is the Saigon Central Post Office,constructed between 1886-1891 and is now a tourist attraction. Not only wedding couples were seen, I think I saw at least 3 different groups of bridesmaids in their beautiful dresses posing in front of this old building.

The pretty bridesmaids in their traditional Vietnamese purple and white costume were kind enough to take a photo with me.

Like normal post office, they are offering local and international postal services. It is even operating on Sunday. You can opt to buy souvenirs here as there are 2 souvenirs shops located inside this building. I find it quite cheap and affordable compared to some markets I went.

Caught by the alluring interior design in the post office.

It seems like a book street  located further down the post office.

Most of the books in the bookshops are written in Vietnamese

Stopping by a book cafe to indulge a cup of local coffee.

Or do what visitors normally do...Capturing the candid moments by taking photos and more photos!

Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, HCMC Central Post Office and Independence Palace are situated within close proximity,thus walking one to another is possible. Therefore, you can visit these 3 places at the same time.

Independence Palace, or also known as Reunification Palace was the home and workplace of the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.This is another historical place to know and understand more about Vietnam history. You need to purchase an entrance ticket shall you want to enter the building but I did not.Oh well,  it looks like I am inside the place, right..hahah

That's where I was standing behind the bars.Ahemm, just get through it with my slim  iPhone and do the wonders. Hahaha

Ice Cream Man **wave wave**

Getting around HCMC is best with Grab or Uber. As I know Vietnam and Indonesia have GrabBike to offer. It is one of the most affordable and reliable medium getting around the city if you are travelling alone. I didn't quite like taking the local taxi as they can be very rude and might overcharge you. Best is to get a local SIM card so you can use the apps.

The apps will show the exact price you will be paying for before confirming the booking. If it's GrabCar, it will be twice amount of the GrabBike. I noticed that most of the drivers are not able to communicate in English so it will be quite difficult to speak to them when they call to verify your exact location. My advice is best to find a landmark such as cafe, hotel or restaurant so it will be easy for the driver to locate you.

Even better if you can find someone working in the restaurant who can speak English to help you speak to your driver. Another kiasu tips is, if you want to save up on getting a SIM card, make sure you are at a place that can connect to free WIFI. Then you are able to get connected to the apps, right? Ensure your phone can make call in and out also la..Opps...I think I can be quite smart at the same time a kiasu traveler, right? Haha

The last place I went to is Ben Thanh Market which is located in District 1 (city center), thus it makes a popular tourist spot and also high chances of getting rip off by sellers.

Most of the sellers here can speak English, even Bahasa Malaysia too.

Plenty of local food you can eat and get from here.

The only thing I spent at here is a box of Vietnamese coffee.

That concluded my 3D2N trip to Ho Chi Minh City. Just a little reminder, if you need to head to the airport from the city center, make sure you allow ample time because traffic on the road can be quite bad especially in the morning. Our Uber driver was quite skillful by taking the shortcuts to avoid the chaotic traffic.

See you again, Vietnam!
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