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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016 and to Blogging.

Today is the last day of Year 2016. I am thankful for another great year has passed with ups and downs. Be good or bad, I think I have done the best I could and I am looking forward to another awesome year.

This post is going to be my last post as I will stop blogging. Yup, you read it right. Fret not as I  will be updating my fan page from time to time. If you still wish to get my updates, you can LIKE my page  My blog will  be here until the domain hosting expired. Can't remember when is it....but when u click and is no longer there,  that's when it has expired la.

Thank you for being my blog readers throughout the many many years and I wish everyone best of luck in the year ahead.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Even it's school holiday, I found out I am getting more busier than usual. Yes, I was on a long break from work last weekend, so me and the girls lined up several plans to do during their school holidays. I told them is not possible to go out everyday since my pocket will go dry up very soon.Hahah

Fret no, as Nickelodeon has several tips for us to survive this crazy long holiday season in which myself and the kids will jump into a "Crazy Christmas" holiday spirit.

1. Create your own crazy Christmas tree with Nickelodeon’s first Christmas Tree Styler
Get their creativity going! Fans can build their own virtual tree at using specially designed ornaments till the end of December. Save, share an image card of the customized tree or print it, so kids can send as their festive greetings to family and friends.

2. Binge on holiday-themed Nickelodeon shows
As part of Nickelodeon’s “Crazy Christmas” feature, watch 12 days of holiday-themed episodes of Nickelodeon shows such as Dora the Explorer, The Fairly OddParents, Make It Pop, Henry Danger, Game Shakers, and more on:
- weekdays from 5 to 16 December at 11am (TH/WIB), 12pm (MY/PH/SG/TW), 5pm (TH) and 6pm (PH/SG/TW)
- 24 and 25 December at 9am (TH/WIB), 10am (MY/PH/SG/TW), 4pm (PH/TH) and 5pm (SG/TW)

Watch the “12 Days of Nickelodeon Christmas” video HERE to get an idea of what’s in store. Those who tune in will be also be able to catch additional shorts such as Christmas songs and the Make It Pop Christmas music video “All The Love”.

3. Catch the debut of Nickelodeon’s original animated TV movie, “Albert”
Premiering on Friday, 23 December at 12pm (TH/WIB) and 1pm (HK/MY/PH/SG/TW), the one-hour CG-animated holiday tale Albert is the first original animated TV movie Nickelodeon has ever made. It features Albert, a tiny Douglas fir tree who goes on a crazy journey to become Empire City’s most famous Christmas tree ever. The heartwarming movie stars the comedic voice talent of Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live) in the title role and Sasheer Zamata (Saturday Night Live), Judah Friedlander (30 Rock) and Rob Riggle (21 Jump Street). Breanna Yde (School of Rock, The Haunted Hathaways) voices the character Molly. What’s more? For the kids who fall in love with the endearing tree, an illustrated adaptation of the story by Random House Children’s Books, Albert: The Little Tree With Big Dreams, is currently available at Amazon and other online book stores.

4. Explore all-new Nickelodeon games
Visit for new holiday-themed games! Unleash your inner gamer by taking part in The Loud House Holiday quiz (available from 22 December) or creating your dream winter house by playing the Winter Wonderland House Builder game (available from 23 December). Test your rhythm skills on the newly launched SpongeBob SquarePants: Bikini Bottom Beat music game, now available HERE on the Apple App Store for USD 1.99

5. Make your own Christmas tree ornaments
Create your own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Googly-eyed ornaments in just under 20 minutes by following the instructions in the next section.

6. Live out their aspiration to become an actor and be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle at KidZania Singapore
Visit the Nickelodeon Acting Academy and Theatre in KidZania Singapore and train to be an actor before you role play as your favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for your family and friends. From 10 to 25 December, meet half-shell heroes Donatello and Leonardo for that wefie moment! And of course, while you are there, let them loose to enjoy the rest of Kidzania while you get some of your own ‘me-time’!

7. Take a short trip across to Kuala Lumpur and enjoy some crazy water fun at Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon
Visit Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon at Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia with more than 12 attractions! From now to 1 January 2017, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon has been transformed into SpongeBob's Christmas Lagoon – experience crazy holiday moments by checking out the 20-foot Christmas coral tree, creating giant bubbles at the Bubble Jellyfish Field, and meeting SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, and Santa Claus.

Last but not least, wishing everyone to have a  fun jolly Merry Christmas...Ho! Ho! Ho

Friday, December 9, 2016


Hooray...our holidays mood are on. The kids are happy as I have excluded them from the Dec tuition. I think they deserve a good break before embracing another challenging year ahead, same goes to me.  I asked the kids what they want to do during this long break.

The small one said she wanted to take LRT. So, we went for a short trip to Kuala Lumpur.

We stopped by KL sentral and take a short walk inside Nu Sentral Mall. It was my first time to this mall as I don't frequent to KL. Noticed there is a Godiva shop. I ran to the shop like a kid to buy this luxury chocolate soft serve. Hahah. Three of us have a fair share for this heavenly delicious ice cream. So yummy!!

We took Monorail to Times Square and Isetan Bukit Bintang too. It was quite challenging but so fun tagging the 2 kiddos for a public ride. Even though I am not a pregnant lady, but there are some kind passengers who offer their seats for 3 of us. How nice, right.

We did not go to KL tower though, maybe next time.

The mother who simply cannot resist for more ice cream has to beg her kids so they will accompany her to queue up to buy the ice cream again. Haha

What's more when you have a frugal kid who keep telling you, mummy, is expensive la. Don't buy la..I told them is okay we spend a bit more once in a while because we don't really get to do this often. Actually they secretly want me to buy them toys! Hmmm.....

And the big one said we should go somewhere cold during this holiday. So we headed to Cameron Highland last weekend. It was really cold up there.

Breathtaking view from the home stay above.

We planning for a beach holiday before the school holiday is over but seems like everywhere is quite full. Maybe we have to postpone again for next year. Bye for now as I am also enjoying my long break.

Monday, November 21, 2016


My weekend now has becoming more challenging and exciting but I find it fruitful and worth the hard work by end of the day. In case you are wondering what am I doing, well I am now making fresh almond milk for sale during the weekend.

Th orders I am getting is through a FB ladies supporting group and feedback has been promising. Normally, I will open my booking 2 days in advance to the customers as I need another 2 days to soak the almond ahead and I will start to juice the nut milk on weekend night or morning.

I have barely started this less than a month and I am glad it was well paid off by the positive response so far. I can only take up to a certain amount of quantity since I am doing it all by myself. HB will come to help me out a bit for the delivery.

I set up a a few pick up areas for my customers to pick up their orders or if they are willing to pay a bit more, I will deliver to their house with a small delivery fee, but most of the time they will like to save up for the delivery charges which is all good to me as I prefer to meet up at the collection point.

I would say is quite challenging when you receive good response as I am afraid what if customers cancel their orders last minute due to any unforeseen circumstances because all the orders are by cash on delivery.

I even got a customer who has ordered a dozen of milk last weekend and I was so nervous. I keep thinking what if she cancel the order? And what am I going to do with the extras! Thank goodness, it all went smooth and I feel so blessed with all their committed orders.

Along the way, I faced lots of challenges but I keep pushing myself to it..Yea, my hand was sore and jellied when I have to squeeze the milk out from the milk bag in order to fill up about 40 empty bottles..

The next morning, I barely can open my bedroom door and not so flexible managing the steering wheel too..hahah., I told myself is ok, you will get 5 days to rest your hand after that.

Both the kids have been very good by offering to help out washing the empty bottles and arranging them into the oven for the sterilization process. The girls were so supportive and can you imagine hearing your own daughters praising you and thank you for the hard work done. That moment was priceless!

At the end of the day, I gave them RM1 for the labour work..hahah. They never complained is too little but so happy to put into their 'tabung'.

Fragile item..

I always bring one extra bottle out in case any mishaps during the delivery process and I was right. One of the bottle caps was too lose and it got spilled out, once.... Luckily I have an extra in hand.

I love almond milk because of the versatility and is something I think I am slightly good at making. Even though I can cook and bake, but I am more confident on this and I am glad turning into a small home business.

For my own consumption, I like to incorporate with other ingredients such a fruits. One of my customers said is delicious to mix with coffee. I have not try it though but will love to as she said is very silky and creamy.

It is always a healthier choice to start up with a warm cup of almond milk before heading out to work. It can last me at least up to 4-5 hours...Stay fit plan! Hehe
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