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Monday, November 24, 2014

The reason why I love to travel to Hat Yai, Thailand

If you have been following my blog for the past years, this is certainly not my maiden visit to Hat Yai. Come to think of it, I do visit this city every year,  which has been a favorite place for Malaysian to shop and indulging authentic local food at an affordable price.

My shopping spree is fully sponsored by HB. This happy girl shops from afternoon till the sky turns dark. I hop from one shopping mall to another. Then, wandering along the busy street with local vendors selling clothes, toys and local street food. Last but not least grab as many snacks as possible from 7-Eleven. I would say Thailand has one of the best 7-Eleven in the world.Haha

These are my favorite. Pork buns from 7-Eleven, priced at THB12.

Pocky - I grabbed assorted flavors such as milk, banana, chocolate and green tea for THB12 to RHB20 (depending the size) . Shopping at 7-11 makes me happy too.

I spent my own sweet time in there and came out from the convenient store with THB500 poorer. Nah, it's ok in return for some discount coupons. The reason to shop more! Haha

2. Yummy FOOD!
Although there are numerous vendors selling this common local dessert but there is only one stall I like the most (at the pasar by a Thai lady) - priced at THB50. The mango sticky rice included the coconut milk and fried mung bean to add extra texture to the rice. Yummy!

I had something different this time. While we searching a place to settle for our breakfast, we stumbled across a simple yet humble local shop selling delicious pork noodles (walking distance from Lee Garden Plaza), priced at THB40. You can also add some pork crackling (THB15) into the bowl of comforting soup noodles.

3. HANDMADE items and souvenir - During the weekend, you can find a flea market at Lee Garden Plaza. I love visiting flea market especially for their cute and inexpensive handmade gifts.

- They can customize your souvenir, such as putting your name for FREE. Initially HB wanted my name on it, but since this a gift from him might as well have his name on it as a remembrance. #doingsomethingcute.

In case you are wondering what is that...It's an OWL!  Spotted my new pair of rubber shoes? Yup, gotten 2 similar pairs but different color for THB16 each. Also some Zebra stainless steel kitchenware for my mom and myself. That Chinese wok is for my mom.

This was a pair of comfy but costly shoes. Also quite hard to maintain it especially during rainy days. It got worn out so fast when it gets in contact with water. Say bye bye to my old shoes.

Friday, November 21, 2014

7 things that can make you happy

Hmmm...Certainly more than that but these are the 7 simple things in life that can easily make me happy.How about you?

1. FOOD - what kind of food that makes you happy?

2. DESSERT - make sure it is beautiful and delicious! Haha

3. TRAVEL - with the loved one and family

4. NATURE - surrounded by beautiful flowers

5. BAKING - is a form of inexpensive 'retail therapy*...where you can shop for the ingredients you lilke.

6. SHOPPING - not to mention about clothes and shoes. I particularly love to shop for cute snacks even though myself not a snack person. *giggles*

7. BE A KID - Sometimes you just have to play with them like a kid. It is such an easy thing to do in return for a precious smile and laughter on their faces.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Disney Channel: Fa-la-la-lidays Contest - Win a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Have you been thinking what Christmas gifts you want to get for this upcoming festive season? How about something memorable and fun for your whole family? Well, Disney Channel has got this very special and exciting giveaway where you stand a chance to win a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland to meet Princess Anna & Princess Elsa, plus other Frozen limited edition goodies for your kids.

How to enter?
All you have to do is tune in and watch great shows lined up for you and your kids on Disney Channel (Astro 615) from 14th November -14th December and look out for the cool Frozen-themed contest question.

Whether it’s counting the numbers of Olafs or the number of snowflakes, you wouldn’t want to keep your eyes off the screen because winners will be selected EVERY DAY to receive special FROZEN gift pack.

In addition, every week during the campaign period, one lucky winner will win a trip for 4 people to Hong Kong Disneyland to meet Princess Elsa and Anna. Wohoo!!

Where to submit?
Login to to submit your answer. Easy peasy, isn't it!

The last time we went to HK Disneyland was 2 years ago and since then my kids have been pestering me to buy air ticket to fly them to HK again.Hmmm...Keep telling them mami has to save up more, but for mean time I will try my best to win this special giveaway for them.Wish me luck,ok.

No, we will not 'Let It Go' this opportunity to have an awesome magical Fa-la-la-liday experience on Disney Channel.

School holidays will be starting soon and this will be a great time for the kids to enjoy the show while eyeing hard for the correct answer. Hahah

Monday, November 17, 2014


Back from the long silence for there are so many things popped up within the week. Unbearable pain, emotionally intense, sleepless nights which better known as 'W'- feeling to me..Hahah. *picked up a wilted flower in front of my house** I still see beauty in it.

It also reminds me to slow down myself because life is moving at such a fast space that it seems to pass us by before we look upon and enjoy it.

Hmmm..set that aside because I have more painstaking task to complete - Hunting for school shoes.

Sounds easy but to get the smallest size to fit the little feet who soon will be stepping into primary one is not an easy job. The moment we entered the shoes shop, the first thing we asked the salesperson is, do you have the smallest size of school shoes for my 'toddler'. 'Yes we do!' Upon slips on the shoe...that is where the nightmare strike. I can easily fill the gap of the shoe with my finger.

'Ma'am, ini paling kecil. Lagi kecil tak boleh masuk, itu, for baby.' **me sweating*

Leaving me with no choice I have to grab them together with a pair of thick socks to fill up the gap as much. The next day I went to another shopping mall to try my luck, in the hope to get another pair of shoes that will perfectly fit her little feet. Same outcome, even big E can easily insert two of her fingers between the gap. We gave up so the only option is to get her thicker socks.

And then we proceed to get her school uniform. I keep thinking will the smallest size of pinafore  turn out to be like a maxi dress.Thank goodness they have the right size just for her. I only have to send to the tailor to mend the belt. That's it. Mission completed.

The tiny little hands....I do concern about her when she steps into the big school. But I do have faith in her that she will pull over it despite she has always been very careless and people hardly observe her visibility due to her size.

I asked her to eat more...jump more but she said her mouth is small - can only nibble. **rolling eyes**
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